5 Reasons to launch your new online store during festive season sale

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  • 5 Reasons to launch your new online store during festive season sale

Statistics reveal that preparation and timing are crucial for the success of any business venture, more so for a new online store. With a  well thought business idea, it is easy to chalk out a detailed business plan and ensure streamlined business operations. We know that this is the easier part of starting your online  business.
To ensure success you need to choose a launch time which favours your business.This is definitely not an easy task and needs careful calculation.To decide the optimal launch time you have to consider a number of things like;

  • How to arrive at the optimal time for rolling out a web store?
  • How to decide the mood of your target audience?
  • How to determine that whatever product you are offering would be well received by online buyers?
  • Is there a way to time your online retail store launch to ensure success?
Lots of brainstorming indeed and still it is not easy to find  that “opportune moment”! If you are reading this, this issue has certainly troubled you for a long time now!
Wouldn’t you love to get some advice from industry experts ?
Brilliant idea, isn’t it?
How about seeking some advice from the Experts at StoreHippo who have studied and analyzed thousands of launches over the years?  A study conducted by our experts’ panel reveals that a majority of our bestselling client stores have been launched just before or during the 4 months long (October to January) stretch of Holiday Season.
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Wondering why?
Well, no secrets here!
This is the most lucrative, wonderful and happening time for e commerce worldwide. And if you want a relatively effortless launch of your online retail store, you need to time it during this period.
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Need proof why? Let’s start decoding:

Make the most of Buyer Frenzy

Ever heard of the of a scenario where online businesses witness the following:
  • 5x traffic boom overnight,
  • Sales figures breaking all previous records,
  • Products going out of stock within minutes,
  • Up to 40% increase in average order size,
  • Increased rate of impulsive and planned purchases
How do you define all the above put together?
Nopes – this crazy phase is called festive season sales in eCommerce parlance!
This is the best time for online retailers as buyers are in a festive mood and keep looking for new products.  With a bit of advance planning you can ensure that your products go off the shelves like hot cakes. Buyers save throughout the year to make the most of festive deals and discounts and ready to experiment. 
With careful calculations of profit and smart marketing you can rapidly create a brand value for you fresh webstore and ensure it gets the attention and conversions from the festive buying spree.

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Get Free tips and Trends from Market Bigwigs

All the well-known multiseller marketplaces in e commerce space launch the biggest sale of the year during this phase. These sales are closely watched, monitored and analyzed by experts from the industry and media.
Media publishes daily reports and trends of these events which give a lot of insight into the buyer behavior and shopping trends for the season. You can take advantage of these free tips and trends and use them to drive your sales. These trends give you the most accurate and statistically proven data which can help you in formulating your business and marketing strategy to achieve quick short term goals.
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Ensured Repeat Buyers

The festive season sale is a prolonged stretch of 3-4 months. Customers keep returning to buy the products they added to their wishlist or cart but did not convert at that very moment. With the right mix of products, services and follow ups you can ensure that you keep getting return orders even during the New Year when buyers are more open to bringing something new in their lives.
A launch during the festive sales ensures steady orders for coming months and also gives you firsthand experience of customer behavior and shopping patterns on your store. You can analyze all these trends and data to plan your business for the remaining part of the next year.

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Get Better Deal on Logistics Solution for ecommerce

Logistics providers know that this is the best part of the year for earning more by providing improved services. Your new webstore can take advantage of this opportunity by negotiating value added services with your delivery channel partners.
Remember, first impression is always a lasting impression. If you manage to win customer trust by providing faster and better deliveries, you can win their loyalty forever.

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Create online stores at discounted rates

Rolling out a new online store becomes very easy and affordable if you are using the services of a well-rounded e commerce platform. To make the online journey of the clients smoother, faster and more affordable all the leading online platforms offer store set up at discounted rates during the festive season.
Festive discounts can save a considerable amount of your store development budget and give you many free services as well.
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Now that you have ample reasons for starting your new online business during the festive season sale, get going and start a free trial store to explore the features of your chosen e commerce platform.
If you have any tips on the topic feel free to post in the comments below.

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