5 Proven Marketing Tips for Better B2C Ecommerce Conversions in 2020

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  • 5 Proven Marketing Tips for Better B2C Ecommerce Conversions in 2020

Here’s the skinny: You have an online B2C store with good products and equally competent prices. You are also one step ahead by investing in SEO services for your venture. You are doing SEM and your content strategy is reasonable. Yet, you struggle to have sales. ‘What’s going on?’ Well, most of the online sellers ask this question to themselves in a situation like this.

Going for SEO or SEM and generating traffic is just half the process. The other half lies in the kind of navigation experience you offer your customers through a top e-commerce platform. There can be two main reasons why you might be generating a decent amount of online traffic and yet struggling to get a satisfactory conversion.

  • Your marketing strategies may be flawed
  • Your navigation experience could be poor

Here is a quick, actionable guide to give you a heads-up for marketing ideas in the coming year. These strategies will:

5 proven marketing tips for better B2C e-commerce conversion for your business.

#1 Try upselling and cross-selling of  products

Look at successful brands - McDonald’s, Pepsi, KFC and many more! What lies behind their ground-breaking marketing strategies? These brands observe and quickly adapt to intelligent tactics to lure their customers – upselling and cross-selling being one of them.

If you have a shoe store and if your customer comes looking for party shoes, maybe it’s a good idea to upsell some higher quality, branded product for better margins. A top e-commerce platform should be able to help you with upselling your products, no matter what your industry is.

Likewise, if you have an apparel store, you might want to cross-sell other products by suggesting relevant accessories like scarves or bottom wear to go with it.

Research shows that upsells and cross-sells are accountable for an average of 10%-30% of e-commerce revenue. Why not use these tactics to increase unplanned purchases and boost average order value for your online store?

#2 Personalize your product recommendations

Most of us shop from Amazon, don’t we? Have you noticed the product suggestion block on its homepage? Well, 70% of Amazon’s homepage is covered with it. In fact, the B2C giant revealed that 35% of its revenue reels through product recommendations.

Shouldn’t then you must follow and make it a norm for your own online store? As an e-retailer, you might want to generate and tailor recommendations specific to individual shopper’s behaviour and interests. This can help you to suggest relevant products when customers are absolutely clueless about their purchases.

Back in a brick and mortar model, this would seem like a word of mouth marketing. The strategy not only prevents customers from abandoning the carts but also motivates them to add more items to the cart. Nowadays, e-retailers lookout for a top e-commerce platform that offers them this in-built feature for their website.

#3 Mention product reviews as social proof 

Have you noticed what kind of marketing tactics work these days? People do not want to rely on the promises a company makes or what they are saying on social platforms. They hardly want to hear and know about product features. Rather they are more interested as to how your product or service will benefit them.

Also, customers can get hooked to your B2C website if you provide specific proof about the functionality of your product. They might also want to know what other customers are saying about your products or services. Precisely why, social proof is your key to magnetic marketing.

By showing customers that many others have shopped and had a happy experience with your store, you can build trust in your brand and encourage new customers to start shopping with you.

Customer reviews are also a good way to give a glimpse to shoppers about what they can expect from your B2C store. A lot many buyers first go through previous customer reviews before adding items to their carts.

#4 Create a sense of urgency

Online shopping paves way for a lot of impulse purchases because of the ease and comfort of shopping that it provides. This is why if your products are placed correctly, supported by the right promotions and triggered at best time, it can help your sales shoot up. This works better if you take the support of a top e-commerce platform with the necessary tools and features to build your online store.

If you are successful in creating a sense of urgency amongst your buyers, you will notice a good marketing strategy shaping up. This could be done by generating coupon codes, offering free shipping for a limited period of time or other freebies during promotional deals.

In addition to this, a countdown timer on your B2C website is a great way to motivate your buyers to seal the deal. If you offer your customers a reasonably fair deal and then place a clock ticking, nothing works better than that!

#5 Limit stock availability to create a sense of scarcity

Now that you already know that online shopping has a lot to do with impulse buying then what can work beside a sense of urgency. Perhaps a sense of scarcity!

Customers randomly add items to their carts and abandon them because they want to go to other B2C websites, check out the rates and compare. By creating a sense of scarcity if you can show them that their favourite item is running out of stock, then they would be tempted to buy them on priority.

What you need to do is flash a lesser number of products than you actually have in your inventory. Why do you think most websites display, ‘only 1 left in stock’. This is a good bait to lure customers to click the ‘buy now’ button right away.


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