5 must have features of top ecommerce platform

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Ecommerce platforms are the first choice of SMBs as they shorten the effort and resource involved in developing a website from scratch. Since these turnkey solutions are tested under various live scenarios they usually provide a robust environment essential for website stability.

The online market is full of eCommerce platforms promoting their products and services that make it easy to launch an online webstore. With so many available options it is really difficult to filter the top ecommerce platform that is the best fit for taking your business online.

While it is easy to find a host of off-the-shelf solutions to roll out your online store it is rather difficult to choose the one that would be ideal for a given business vertical. With so many good -to-go options in the market, differentiating the best platform from a host of others remains a daunting task.

To begin with, you can find many solutions that fulfill your need. But is that enough, as the ultimate success of any business rests in the hands of your customers. So, the top ecommerce platform would be one that not only takes care of your requirements as a business owner but also facilitates the needs of your customers.

Testing your ecommerce service provider on certain key parameters is the first step towards the success of your online business. Before you take the final call check if the platform you are choosing qualifies on the following pointers,

Ready for Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is growing at an exponential pace and as of now upto 40% of online sales of online web store comes from mobile channel. Businesses that fail to tap the potential of mobile commerce are already losing  majority of their sales. Any online business that is not ready for  mcommerce is going to perish in the very near future.

The ideal platform to launch any store today is one which offers easy mobile solution as well. If the turnkey ecommerce solution of your choice does not provide this must have feature, you should start looking for a mobile ready ecommerce platform that offers mobile responsive themes and a futuristic solution that gives you a dedicated mobile site.

Seamless User Experience

Customer is the king and hence their experience on your online store has a long term effect on your business. If your website provides a simple and hassle free shopping experience, your customers will keep coming back to buy more.

A simple user interface and editable shopping cart are a must. The site performance and loading speed should be fast to stop the users from switching to other sites. Also the order process should be aligned towards conversion. and customers should get should get easy payment and checkout options.

Top ecommerce platform that you finalise for your business should give seamless user experience for making your project successful.

Beautiful Design Themes and Templates

Your site design can make or mar your business. Humans have a definite liking for beautiful and attractive designs that engage them longer. A beautiful design influences customers and their buying decisions. A platform that allows easy product display and view has better chances of conversion.

A great eCommerce package should provide beautiful design themes that are mobile responsive and can be changed easily. Go for online shop platform that offers you a rich library of beautiful themes and templates to improve your conversions and ROI.

End to End Solutions

Setting up an ecommerce business needs a lot of integration with third party providers. Negotiating separate deals with payment gateways, logistics providers and other third party service providers is a cumbersome job.

Apart from these must have integrations, there is a host of other features that can make you launch and business growth easier. For example if your online store platform offers SEO ready features, tools to run quick marketing campaigns, Apps for extending store functionality etc it can save costs on many overheads and make it easier for you to promote your business.

Go for a platform that takes away the burden of sourcing and integrating third party providers and provides you with  end to end ecommerce solutions.

Flexibility and Scalability

Most of the websites have to move away from off-the shelf solutions as these fail to scale up with business. The migration is a painful task and involves considerable effort, downtime and numerous bugs.

The top ecommerce platform in the above scenario would be one that scales up with your business growth and allows you to make changes. Also it should provide for customization that let s you make tweaks to adapt the platform according to your brand and business needs.


Now that you are aware of the key pointers that can have a profound effect on your business, you can make an informed decision and opt for a platform that helps you in growing your business.

Bonus Tip: Consider the customer support services of your partners platform before labelling it the  top ecommerce platform. A company that provides extremely good post sales services is a must have to save you out of troubled waters in the long run.

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers all the above advantages and some unique features like multi seller marketplace, multi-lingual website, geo location based currency conversions and many more.

Get your own StoreHippo Trial Store for free and explore the numerous advantages before you take the final decision.

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