5 Must Have Features In B2B Mobile Apps

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  • 5 Must Have Features In B2B Mobile Apps

Can you imagine your life without a smartphone or just passing a day without a smartphone?

Not possible, right?

Then, how can you think of running your B2B online store without mobile apps. Yes, it is equally impossible to overlook the benefits of mobile commerce in wholesale businesses. Today, when smartphones are dominating almost every aspect of our life, B2B is also exploring the mobile world like never before.

If you think that mobile apps are only for B2C, then let us clarify that switching to mobile-friendly options has been substantial in bringing enormous opportunities for wholesalers. A recent study indicates that mobile devices drive over 40% of B2B ecommerce sales for the organizations. 

Now, you definitely can’t miss on almost half of your business. Don’t worry. Here are the must-have features you need in your B2B ecommerce platform.

Must have features in B2B mobile apps 

1. Real-time interactions and personalization

Today’s generation does not go well with the “One size fits all” approach. They look for extensive personalization and look forward to it every time. Whether it is a personalized discount, information, product recommendation, personalized experience keep the customers engaged and loyal to your business. 

The gist here is mobile commerce applications need to make the shopping experience of customers seamless and easy. Using real-time interaction and a live chat feature is very useful for upselling and cross-promoting the products online. Most importantly, they are available 24/7 to resolve the queries and concerns of customers. StoreHippo offers a mobile-first approach that helps you to automate your B2B marketing, offer custom promotions based on order and devices, and much more to boost maximum sales. 

2. Mobile push notifications

Most of the B2B customers expect a transparent and simple purchase process. Is it possible to deliver a seamless purchase process and user experience on a mobile device? Well, the answer has to be “Yes” if you are willing to achieve success in the competitive B2B landscape. From research to delivery, mobile apps offer endless features at a low cost and this the time to leverage it. 

With StoreHippo, you can optimize the entire mobile commerce purchase experience with amazing features like push notifications, personalized shopping, online payments, saved order information, and much more. By delivering more value in a faster and effective manner, you can enhance your B2B mobile experiences. Push notifications are not simply a push message sent to customers. The modern mobile commerce development platform like StoreHippo offers a delightful experience to drive customer engagement and sales conversions backed by real-time customer insights. Isn’t it a great idea for brand recall? It helps you to easily lift repeat purchases and customer loyalty through mobile apps.

3. Follow-ups for incomplete orders

Today’s B2B buyers have a long list of expectations before they decide to purchase online. And considering all the expectations like multiple payment options, faster checkouts, personalized content, it becomes a challenge to convert incomplete orders to paid orders. That’s the time you need to think about tactics to increase your conversion rates, retain the existing customers, and even attract new B2B buyers.

When you know the reason behind most of your lost sales, don’t you want to recover it. Yes, it can be done by retargeting the abandoned shopping cart orders and sending automated follow-up mails. It encourages the customers to complete their orders. And the best part is you can do it all with an integrated B2B ecommerce platform. Yes, StoreHippo helps you to get complete information about the customer and order with the audit log for abandoned cart orders. With this feature, you can easily understand the behavior of customers and set the workflow accordingly to plan marketing campaigns. StoreHippo allows you to do it all in a few clicks.

4. Social media collaboration

According to a B2B survey, over 87% of B2B companies consider social media as a very successful marketing strategy. The marketing teams use multiple social media sites to gather information and interesting content to their customers. In a nutshell, having a social media presence presents a B2B company as a thought leader in the industry that encourages buyers to do business with them.

Since the time B2B industry has entered into the world of mobile commerce, social media has become even more important for the companies. In fact, referral is one of the most valuable strategies to acquire new customers and increase brand loyalty. And social media makes the whole process of word of mouth easier and better. However, it gets difficult to create a social buzz without a proper social media collaboration in place. Fortunately, StoreHippo has a host social media tools. It allows you to engage loyal and new customers with social collaboration, generate best sales, encourage referrals and a lot more on mobile apps.

5. Detailed analytics to analyze user behavior

The modern-day users are highly elusive and ruled by various different modes and moods. They can abandon the orders for even the smallest of issues and behave in a completely unexpected manner. For this reason, it gets very important to track and analyze the user behavior and their shopping habits. It helps in making the appropriate marketing strategies and boost your sales.

Well, you need to code or have technical skills to understand the detailed analytics. Having this feature in your B2B ecommerce platform can help you understand your users better than ever before.  StoreHippo is a powerful ecommerce platform for large scale enterprises that allows you to track the user behavior on B2B apps and increase your sales conversions.

Why is StoreHippo the best B2B ecommerce platform for mobile apps?

No wonders, mobile apps are highly useful for B2B companies. As mobile has become an integral part of everyone’s lives including B2B buyers, you need an enterprise platform that supports mobile transactions and helps you to scale your B2B company. We have already seen the features required to boost your enterprise business and the most fortunate thing is you do not need to work it through disparate systems. Especially, when you get all of these mobile commerce features and much more on the next-generation technology offered by StoreHippo.

StoreHippo is all set to take your B2B brand to the next level while providing mobile apps (Android / iOS), PWA (Progressive Web Apps), and device specific marketing tools. Schedule a 14-day free trial to explore the platform by yourself and get ready to stay ahead of competition.

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