5 Inspiring success stories that will guide you how to start online store

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  • 5 Inspiring success stories that will guide you how to start online store

Planning to make the best of India’s e-commerce boom and launch an online business of your own? Have the zeal and a team of likeminded friends who are ready to add their inputs? Worked on half a dozen business ideas but not convinced what to sell? Worries about failure and lack of funds preventing you from starting the entrepreneurial journey? Have a definite product idea but too confused how to start online business?
StoreHippo conducted a recent survey to find out what was the driving force that made our clients take a decision about starting their webstore. Some had the urge to do something new, some others did it as an extension of their business but for majority it was a choice that could provide a solution and fill a gap.
This exercise has reconfirmed the adage, “Where there is a will there is a way”; and the feedback from our clients has provided us with a roadmap on How to start online store. Let’s put together some key tips for all the other aspirants who are planning to begin their journey:

Identify the lacuna

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” This has been proven time and again by the success stories of many of StoreHippo’s clients. One of our clients runs a store dealing exclusively in stylish and comfortable maternity wear for expectant and new moms. Her own experiences during her special journey to motherhood made her think hard and come up with Mama Couture that made the lives of expecting mothers more lively and enjoyable. Within months of launching her store using StoreHippo platform she was flooded with thank you mails from her clients who were experiencing a new meaning of motherhood. Her success has proven once again that the proverbial query “how to start a business” is answered as soon as you work out a solution for an existing lacuna. 
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Find the audience

You know you have a business opportunity where you have a large audience base that is eager to go with your product or services. This idea made the Medifixit  team work on a one stop solution that helps patients in finding every type of medical service and aid. This platform allows patients to easily locate best medical services from the comfort of their home and also connects them with top doctors and related medical services like pharmacy, labs etc. The founders and team of Medifixit knew that they have a large target audience which will benefit from their beyond e-commerce services and hence they created a site that is helping millions of patients worldwide in availing superior quality medical aid.
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Release First Cut

If you have an idea instead of working on an expansive business plan on “how to start online business”, start with the basic model first and go on scaling up as the demand for your service grows. This has been proven beyond doubt by the success story of Grocery Online – a grocery portal providing easy grocery ordering and delivery services in multiple cities of UAE. Initially they started selling goods to their registered users within a couple of cities but as the brand name spread they scaled up the business and established a delivery network that supplies everyday items to millions of homes across multiple cities in the UAE.
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Refine the Processes

If you are venturing into a business vertical that has already established successful models you need to seek the best technical solutions and refine your processes to make the best of the situation. This is what team of Lotcart, a marketplace solution for retail shopping for mobile, computers, books, daily utilities, household accessories and products set out to do. StoreHippo platform assisted the Lotcart team in finding a custom multi-seller marketplace solution of their own which helped them carve a niche for themselves. Lotcart provides seamless shopping experience and various shopping options to its customers. They are having a great business month on month ever since converting into a multi-vendor online marketplace.

Surprise your audience, Create a niche

Atrangee is an online fashion company

The story of Atrangee the online dealers of bags and cases for mobile devices is all about creating a niche for your product by introducing surprise to add value to your product. This team went for a highly competitive product market but wrote a success story by infusing a soul in each product that caught the audience’s eyes for its uniqueness. The bags and cases showcased by Atrangee are a class apart and each product has a story of its own. This uniqueness has made Atrangee the popular choice of people searching for artistic bags online. 
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All our success stories have a common cord running between them – it is not important if you know how to start online store or not. All you need is a passion to pursue your dreams and find a solution that makes many lives easier and better. Go for your goal and let success and money follow.
So, what are you waiting for? Give your dreams the wings of technology with StoreHippo platform and set an example for others to follow.

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This is simply amazing. I guess the next wave of e-commerce revolution will be powered by platforms like yours. we have had enough of flipkart & snapdeal

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Need to start my online apparel store like thevanca, can you guys please suggest some themes.

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