5 hot mobile commerce trends of 2017 no online retailer should ignore

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  • 5 hot mobile commerce trends of 2017 no online retailer should ignore

2016 established the supremacy of  mobile commerce and the consumers took to shopping on mobile devices like never before. Mobile commerce forecasts 2017 clearly indicate that in the coming years greater penetration of smartphones and internet are going to make mobile the prime channel of online sales.
This mobile revolution will give greater power to the online shoppers who will cash in on the advantages of online shopping. With increased mobile usage in smaller towns and cities mobile channel is going to swell the number of online customers manifold in India. Currently India has 250 million mobile phone users and the number is expected to double by 2020.
2016 witnessed a huge volume on online traffic and conversions coming through the omni channel. 2017 also holds a promising future for mobile commerce and hence  it is imperative that online retail stores equip themselves with a dedicated mobile store to boost their sales manifold.
Storehippo team of expert brings for you 5 hottest mobile commerce trends of 2017 so you can prime your business for best ROI in the new year as well as the years to come,

Mobile shopping will break all records

There is no denying that ecommerce is now more of mobile commerce now a days. The data from all sources is indicative of this fact. Festive season sales saw unprecedented level of online shopping through mobile channel. For many famous stores the traffic via mobile was between 50% to 80%.
Adobe Digital Insights reported that holiday sales from November 1 to December 20,  2016 crossed the $24 billion mark during the holiday season. Mobile devices contributed about one third of these sales at 31% and the rest rest came from laptops and desktops. This figure is a year on year growth in mobile channel  sales which stood at  28% of online retail store sales in 2015, and 19% in 2014.
With such promising growth it is a necessity to design an online store with mobile channel shoppers as the prime target. StoreHippo had a futuristic vision and offers a solution that doubles up as mobile store without any additional cost of developing a mobile portal for online businesses.

Add sharing feature to boost sales

Mobile phones not only make shopping and surfing easier they also make sharing product details very easy with a simple share button. Just like the word of mouth instant sharing allows online businesses to increase the reach of their products.
Data suggests the next generation mobile commerce is going to be ruled by the millennials. Hence, mapping their customer personality can give great insights into their buying behaviour and can help online businesses to develop mobile commerce applications for boosting their businesses. Millennials have a “fear of missing out” on deals and hence they keep checking their mobiles and sharing their life moments with friends and family. Imagine the potential of this behaviour by having a simple sharing button for your products.
StoreHippo enables online stores to have many unique features, mobile apps and customization that can give online selling a new dimension and boost sales manifold.

Convert compulsive buyers with Notifications

Smartphones are more of an addiction with us now a days. In a survey consumers reported that they usually check their smartphones at least 3-4 times every hour. This trend was even higher for the millennials who checked their phones almost ten times every hour.
Going by this mobile commerce trend, it becomes easier for online business owners to tap in the compulsive buyers through mobile channel. Knowing your buyers preferences and pushing the products they have surfed increases the chances of a compulsive purchase. Sending personalised notifications based on customers’ browsing behaviour can help improve the conversion ratio of online stores.
StoreHippo offers PUSH notifications as part of the package to help clients tap in the potential of converting better through online mobile channel sales.

Popularity of Pay wallets

COD had been the prime reason of popularity and growth of ecommerce in India. However, the various complications of completing a COD cycle had been cutting into the profit of business owners and they had long been promoting cashless transactions for online sales.
The latest demonetization move by the government have a great boost to online transaction, payment wallets in particular.
Due to various security concerns online buyers have become wary of card transaction which involves additional steps and is error prone. Pay wallets present a simple hassle free alternative and ensure single click payments. Figures reveal that mobile abandonment rate increases significantly (up to 80% in some cases) if online shoppers are asked to input their credit card details.
Payment wallets present a safer and more secure payment option for buyers and in 2017 this mode of payment is going to register a strong growth.StoreHippo equips the online retail stores with multiple payment options thus allowing higher conversions by facilitating customers to use their preferred payment mode.

Mobile Frauds will make security a priority

Forrester report suggests, “Mobile offers fraudsters more options than any other channel.” With increased dependency on mobile as the primary shopping medium it become the responsibility of online store owners to offer a secure and safe payment channel to their buyers.
Data confirms a 26% increase in cases of online fraud and mobile fraud can also grow in times to come. To combat this threat security will be the prime area of focus for businesses who wish to offer best mobile ecommerce solution to their buyers.
Reliable and secure hosting along with secure payment channels that use the latest encryption and security measures to safeguard the interests of their consumers would be the most sought after traits of advanced e commerce platforms. StoreHippo taken steps to ensure these features on its advanced and well rounded platform and offers a secure mobile site for online shoppers.


Mobile commerce is the future and online retail stores that have not yet geared up for it run the risk of falling out of the ecommerce bandwagon. StoreHippo provides a unique solution to B2B as well as B2C ecommerce business owners by offering a portal that works as a mobile site as well.
Built on most advanced mobile ready technology Storehippo ecommerce platform has taken care of all the futuristic trends and it is going to help online business to encash the mobile commerce trends of 2017.
Use the above trends and statistics to multiply your sales and revenue. If you know of any of the happening trends of mobile commerce please share them in comments below.

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