5 features that can make your new online store an instant success

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  • 5 features that can make your new online store an instant success

In the fiercely competitive e commerce market it is easy to launch a new online store but it requires real hard work, smart planning and awareness about current market trends to make it a real success.

To take your business ahead of your competitors you need to engage your customers and offer them with the best shopping experience along with the best product and pricing. Research and statistics prove that online shoppers show preference for websites that have certain features for providing easy and seamless shopping experience.

StoreHippo platform not only makes it easy for you to build online store but we also incorporate features that take your business to new heights of success. We bring for you a list of features that can make your online business a great success.

Have a look at the list of top 5 features that set your business apart from your competitors;

Focus on mobile Commerce

Latest online shopping trends reveal that up to 40% of online purchases are done on mobile devices. If you build a store online that does not work seamlessly on all mobile devices you might lost considerable amount of your sales.

With the growing preference of users for online shopping using mobile devices it is expected that by 2018, more than 50% of online sales would be coming through this channel. By building a webstore that performs on all mobile devices you can engage your customers better and ensure good conversions.

Beautiful site Design

Humans respond to images better than any written text.  A beautiful site design is the first steps towards making your business successful. With an attractive and engaging site design you can engage your customers better on your new online store. Make sure your design theme is aligned with your brand image and goals.Add attractive discount coupons and offers on your homepage to build your customer base faster.

Also pay attention to product images and view and zoom features for your product. Quality product photography increases conversion rate and average order value.

Smooth Navigation

It is a known fact that if online buyers find it difficult to navigate your site and add products to their cart , they move on to your competitor websites. The rate of cart abandonment can be as high as 80% given your ecommerce vertical.

When you build online store with broken links not only you lose customers but also lose your Google ranking which reduces the organic traffic to your site. Smooth navigation and order process flow ensures you get more sales and repeat orders as well.

Content that Sells

Content is king and helps you establish your brand value. Optimizing your content for better sales is mandatory for good order volume.

Spend time to write quality content that helps in getting your new online store listed high on SERPs. Also write engaging content that gently pushes your customers towards buying your products. You need not be direct and shout out “BUY ME, I’M THE BEST”, instead create a need and make your customers realise the value addition the product is going to make to their life.

Multiple Payment channels

You might have the best products, most awesome design and content and the most competitive pricing yet your customers can shy away from purchasing on your website if you do not offer them multiple secure payment options.

Having a simple checkout which offers ease of choosing payment mode helps in gaining customer trust. By offering multiple payment options when you build online store you can ensure that you never miss a sale.Ensure your site has SSL and other security measures in place to get more conversions by winning customer confidence.


Now that you have the tips to make your new online store a success you can step with confidence and write your very own success story.

StoreHippo platform is build on the above principles and provides you with a website that works seamlessly on all mobile devices. Build online store free with our 14-day trial and explore the advantages.

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