5 Essential Features of an Easy-to-Use Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

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  • 5 Essential Features of an Easy-to-Use Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

Did you just hear that? The Global online sales are expected to top $4.2 trillion USD by the end of 2020. This is still further poised to reach more than $6.5 trillion by 2023.

If you are reading this, we are sure you want a piece of this booming market. One lucrative option is by creating your online marketplace. After all, multi-seller models have several advantages over a web store in terms of more branding, more traffic and more profit. 

A good and reliable web platform might be your go-to for creating a multi-seller model quickly. However, despite their popularity, even experienced players end up in the middle of nowhere while choosing one!  

Saying so, you might want to gauge the solution depending upon what it can offer currently and how it can help your brand grow in the future. A good ecommerce marketplace website builder should have; 

  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Customization in entities: can create new entities and tweak existing ones to modify business processes
  • Auto scalability and software upgrade
  • Marketing features to drive more traffic 
  • Multiple easy integrations

In today’s post, we will be discussing 5 essential features of an easy-to-use web solution

1. Drag and Drop tools

Drag and drop features of a web platform can help you drag widgets and design elements to create your online marketplace site. Also, these features come with the benefit of speed and provide simpler and cleaner looking pages.

If you want to create simple products and landing pages to depict what your brand stands for, a store builder with drag and drop features may be the perfect DIY solution. 

Nothing can be as simple as creating your pages by just dragging and dropping. Besides, it sounds like fun too! 

Take, for instance, StoreHippo’s rich themes library. It not only provides you hundreds of different designs for your pages but also comes with super easy drag and drop tools. Using these, you can mix or match different designs, switch them intermittently and give your online marketplace an all-new look! 

2. Custom features

Is this important? Well, right after you have done with a good theme for your multi-vendor store, the next in line comes the navigation experience for your users. 88% of users are less likely to return to your store after a poor navigation experience. 

This is extremely important since it helps customers to find relevant products quickly and with much ease. Swift navigation also improves the overall shopping experience and helps your sellers boost sales and profits. 

To be able to offer this, you might need an ecommerce marketplace website builder that has inherent custom features. StoreHippo’s customised functionalities can help you with faceted search to ease navigation and multi-tier categories for maximum flexibility. You can also customise checkouts and templates for invoice, marketing messages and more.

With easy to use custom tools offered by StoreHippo, you can take your customers’ navigation experience a notch higher. This is because a customised store provides a personalised feel to users and they can connect with your brand immediately. 

3. Content Management System

Your online marketplace can have different types of customers with varied mindsets, demands and shopping behaviour. However, most of them would first like to check out the store, go through what you’ve got and compare prices before purchase. 

Several years ago, customers would read the product description for your online marketplace. They would go through text-only articles, blogs or product reviews. However, recently the internet has turned increasingly visual. 

Hence, it is important that you include interactive and dynamic content, colourful infographics, embedded video, tweets, and quotes on your pages. More so, because viewers and shoppers expect a  different approach to content design. A study reflects that 38% of people will stop engaging with your brand if your content is unattractive. 

Content Management Systems help you craft a variety of content such as videos, blogs and  reviews  to satisfy customers’ rising expectations in terms of consuming information. 

StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder has an efficient CMS that helps you build a strong content strategy. You can make use of the powerful blog engine and along with the help of SEO tools, optimise the web content. Not only this, you can also create testimonials and reviews in the form of videos to gain your customers’ trust. 

4. Product Management tools

Running a multi-vendor marketplace can be tricky especially when you have expansion plans. With too many vendors and an endless list of inventories, it can get complicated for the admin to gain complete control of vendor activities. 

However, if each vendor is compartmentalized and given separate vendor dashboards and inventories on your online marketplace, this task can get fairly easy. A proper product and order management system can ensure the products move in a flow and complete the expected cycle of purchase to fulfilment. 

StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder offers product management features, using which, all the sellers registered on the marketplace can add, edit or upgrade their product independently. This feature helps your vendors to take total charge of their products in stock, check product details, make changes and have complete freedom regarding their inventories and orders. 

5. Marketing tools

Compared to a brick-mortar store, a web presence opens so many opportunities for business. It helps you reach out to relevant audience groups and engage with them. Today’s store builders also assist you in creating marketing strategies for your online marketplace. 

You might have visited several multi-seller stores and noticed them cross-selling or upselling products to boost sales. You may have also seen brands bundling two or more products together to increase the average order value. 

These and other customer-driven marketing tactics like wishlists and enquiry forms as well as coupon codes and vouchers offer time to time, go a long way to drive more and consistent traffic to your multi-vendor store. 

But all of this is only possible using the tools of an ecommerce marketplace website builder. StoreHippo not only helps you with all these features mentioned to increase the average ticket size but also supports your marketing plan through its SEO tools and features. Using StoreHippo marketing tools, you can craft a winning marketing strategy and outgrow your competitors within a short time. 

Why is easy-to-use software in demand?

It’s quite simple: you can either opt for a simple software that comes with DIY solutions to help you manage your company. Or, you can take the traditional route and build your online marketplace from scratch. 

With easy-to-use software, business owners can save huge amounts of money and time, reduce dependency and manage the flow as per their choice. 

StoreHippo is a new-age ecommerce platform that hosts numerous tools for running, marketing and scaling your store. The majority of these tools are simple to use, highly advanced and in sync with the modern trends. 

Want to experience StoreHippo functionalities and learn more as to how this ecommerce marketplace website builder works? Take our 14-day free trial or get  in touch with us at [email protected]

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