5 Ecommerce Solutions Features To Ensure More Sales

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  • 5 Ecommerce Solutions Features To Ensure More Sales

What made Amazon, eBay, Flipkart a multi-millionaire dollar company?  What ecommerce solution do they use? What is their sales strategy? How did they earn customer trust? These questions might surface while you are on a journey to create online store. The upfront answer is that they invested in ecommerce technologies that make online shopping convenient, trustworthy, and fast. Basically, they know how to turn new buyers into a profit machine. 

Want to multiply your sales? Then, focus on customer experience. ‘How can you enhance customer experience? Simple by choosing the right ecommerce solutions that can handle online processes systematically.

Tip: Integrate multiple payment gateways including mobile wallets.

  • 72.9%: Retail sales will emerge from mobile commerce in 2021. (Statista)

Tip: Make your ecommerce store mobile-friendly to get more mobiles sales

Tip: Make an SEO-friendly website to appear on the first page of Google and win more site visitors.   

  • 50% of shoppers report abandoning a transaction due to extra costs, such as shipping fees. (Baymard Institute)

Tip: Send personalized notifications and emails about the price drop, discount to bring back customers. 

5 Advance ecommerce solution features To accelerate your sales 

1. Mobile-friendly site

In Feb 2021, the number of searches from mobile devices was 54.46% of total searches. (Statcounter). 

So to capture mobile searchers, a futuristic mobile commerce strategy is vital. The strategy involves optimizing your store for mobile devices so that mobile users could shop with 100% ease. Once you transform your site into a mobile commerce store, you will get promising rewards like- 

  • Wide audience reach 

  • Shorter purchase cycle of customers

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Fast interaction with customers (as mobiles remain close to them all day)

Create mobile-ready sites without hiring developers with ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo

Using StoreHippo you can create mobile-ready sites and apps right from your dashboard. StoreHippo uses PWA (Progressive Web App) architecture and MEAN stack technology to offer superfast and device-responsive sites. You can also build a mobile app at no additional cost.  

2. Personalized notifications

Push notification is another effective marketing tactic to drive online sales. For increasing website traffic and sales, personalized push notifications are very effective. It works when a user downloads your app. And then you can send customized notifications based on the customer's past purchase behavior and preferences.

How to write conversion-specific notifications?

  • Include customer name in subject line

  • Include a personalized offer e.g. 20% off on cart items

  • Add a CTA e.g. Buy Now, Shop Now

  • Add product images

StoreHippo Notification Feature

Using StoreHippo, you can send 4 types of notification i.e. email, push, SMS, and web notification. Additionally, you can create and send custom notifications for certain events like-

Hence, giving you the superpower to encourage customers to take immediate action. 

3. Inbuilt SEO tools

How to rank your ecommerce website on the first page of Google? There are 200 SEO ranking factors used by Google to rank websites. 

However, the top 10 factors include - Publication of Engaging Content, Keywords in Meta Title Tags/URL/Meta Description,  Backlinks, Visitor Time on Site, Mobile-Friendly Website, user experience, page speed, site security, niche expertise, and bounce rate. 

To make it on the first page, you need SEO tools that allow you to create URLs, keywords optimization content, meta title, alt text, sitemaps, and more. 

About StoreHippo SEO tools 

StoreHippo is an SEO-friendly platform that allows retailers to grow online visibility and website traffic. With its inbuilt SEO tools, you can write powerful page titles and meta descriptions, add keywords, create page URLs directly from your admin dashboard.

You can also integrate various Google tools like Google Adwords, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc to measure your SEO efforts.  You can build a blog with a powerful blog engine and boost website visitors by addressing buyers' doubts.

4. Multiple payment methods

Online buyers are 70% more likely to finalize a purchase if their preferred payment method is displayed as an option (Source: 2Checkout). Having multiple payment options has amazing benefits. Like if one gateway is down or under maintenance, customers have other options. So before integrating payment options, answer the below questions:

  1. What mode of payment is used by buyers of different ages? 

  2. Which payment methods are popular in your target location?

About StoreHippo payment features

Using StoreHippo integrated payment gateways, you can offer multiple payment options to your buyers. For example- debit card, credit card, net banking, prepaid wallets, etc. 

All the pre-integrated payment solutions are secure, PCI compliant and SSL certified. Alongside, you will get access to 60 domestic and international payment gateways. Moreover, you can offer COD and offline payment options to your customers.

5. Predictive marketing tools

Automated marketing tools save you dozens of hours. With the right tools, you can personalize your marketing message, learn about your customers, shoot up customer loyalty, and even beyond.

Using automated marketing tools, you can reduce the cost of marketing personnel or agency. You can easily reach new buyers by using automated email tools, discounts and coupon creation features, and many more. 

Attract more Customers with StoreHippo marketing tools

StoreHippo ecommerce solution offers rich marketing tools to retailers like- 

  • Discount engine

For creating unique discounts/coupons based on product category, order quantity, device, payment method, seller selected by the customers. 

  • Dynamic marketing pages

You can promote products and get attention from customers by creating marketing pages that are popular with particular user segments, devices, locations, etc.

  • Sync with Mailchimp and Sendgrid

Run email marketing campaigns by syncing email tools like Mailchimp and Sendgrid. You can create customized emails based on customer segmentation. Say, if 100 of your customers are interested in apparel, you can send an email saying “50% discount on the apparel collection” to these 100 people. 

  • Abandoned cart recovery tools

Easily follow up with customers on their recent cart abandonment by creating automatic emails. You can select the timings of mails as well. 

Final Words 

With emerging technologies in ecommerce software, you can easily turn your online store into a sales machine. So let’s quickly summarize ecommerce solution features we learned above and their powerful uses- 

  • Look for Mobile commerce technology

  • Marketing tools are a must to attract new customers

  • SEO tools are vital to expand search visibility, site visitors, and brand awareness

  • Multiple payment methods facilitate faster checkouts and sales

  • Unified Notification is your way to nurture customers for purchases

Luckily, you get every single tool (discussed above) in the StoreHippo ecommerce solution. Want to create online store using StoreHippo? Want to try before you buy? Get started with a 14 days free trial to experience its feature-rich user interface.

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