5 D2C Ecommerce Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Enterprise Brands

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  • 5 D2C Ecommerce Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Enterprise Brands

Do you know how big D2C enterprise ecommerce brands nailed their products and won customers’ hearts? Needless to say,their jaw-dropping revenue and sales figures have piqued curiosity among enterprise ecommerce brands. Everyone wants to know their secret ingredient to success. Well, today is your lucky day. Because we are going to reveal some hacks of a successful personal care D2C brand ~ Mamaearth. Let’s spill the beans. 

Mamaearth recorded $100 million revenue within five years since its start in 2016. Mamaearth delivers to 500 cities in India and has 1.5 million loyal customers. 90% of Mamaearth's sales comes from online channels. Let’s uncover key ingredients responsible for their growth below.

  • Hyper-Targeted marketing campaigns:  This enterprise ecommerce brand gets strong ROI from influencer marketing. It has partnered with 1000+ mom bloggers, health and fitness vloggers from YouTube and Instagram. Choosing bloggers in these categories awarded them a great deal of relevant audiences and revenue.

Affiliate Marketing is another weapon to blast their sales. They have partnered with Fintech apps like PayTm, Amazon Pay for brand awareness, in exchange for commissions. Users of these apps get Mamaearth coupons as reward for using their wallets. 

  • Quality products with a compelling value proposition: Every brand says their product is phenomenal, but very few D2C brands are able to prove it. Mamaearth has been exceptional in showacasing the product value via content. They have experimented with every content format like videos, blogs, images, text; to impress buyers on their site. 

In 2019 Mamaearth was named as “One of the Best Brands” in India during ET Brand Festival. Their most unique products include Bamboo based baby wipes, plant-based toothpaste, and hair care products.

  • Multi-channel shopping experience: Mamaearth has not left any channel and platform to promote their products. They can be spotted on multi vendor marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc. Talking about channels, they have dedicated apps and mobile sites to capture mobile shoppers. 

They also have 2000 stores in India for buyers who want real-time product experience. Last but the most important channel for a D2C fashion brand is social media. No matter they use different channels, their messaging is consistent across all the channels. 

5 D2C ecommerce hack that enterprise ecommerce brands can copy

1. Optimize D2C store for mobile commerce

Having a mobile optimized site not only enhances mobile shopping experience, but also boosts the mobile revenue and purchase. Brands also have an SEO advantage, as 54.46% of mobile users search on Google.

Why should D2C brands invest in mobile commerce? 

  • 65% of global ecommerce transactions happen on mobile devices, and there are more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide. (Criteo)

  • D2C's main acquisition channel is social media, accessed via apps. For example, Instagram has always been an important part of Mamaearth's success

Hence, it is important to create mobile-friendly sites and apps. 

How to create a mobile-friendly enterprise ecommerce store?

  • Optimize D2C store design for mobile devices so that it fits to every screen size and loads quickly on any device

  • Optimize Images, videos and other content to fasten loading speed and drive more mobile engagements

  • Ace on navigation i.e. add search bars, menu bar, filters, breadcrumbs, interlinking on every page. Learn from ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc

  • Add mobile wallet and UPI payment options to accelerate mobile revenue

2. Highlight product value on various channels

Want to grab audience attention across channels? Want social media users to click on your ad link and buy products immediately? Want to be the “bestseller” on multi vendor marketplaces like Amazon? You need solid content that proves the product's value via words/images/videos. 

Must-have ingredients of high converting product pages?

  • High-quality product photos and videos with human elements in it

  • Genuine customer reviews and ratings for instant credibility and trust. One in three consumers don't purchase if the site doesn’t contain ratings and reviews

  • Detailed product specifications, value and benefits expressed in bullets, FAQs, drop-down format

  • Explicit information on deliveries, exchange and returns policy

  • Prominent call to action buttons (in bright colors) to attract users to click

  • Add FOMO elements. For example, “deals end in 1 hour” or “limited period offer”. This creates urgency in buyers and pushes them to complete a purchase asap

3. Send personalized offers and emails to existing customers

Stop wasting your capital in showing common repeated content on your website, that does nothing but churn away customers. So let’s look at some awesome D2C personalization examples (which you can COPY).

Killer examples of personalized offers

  • Trigger personalized emails

To each customers about order confirmation, order, shipping status, product and delivery feedback, price drop alerts on cart items, discounts on wishlisted items, subscription alerts, etc

  • Personalize the homepage by leveraging customer data

Show them their last browsed items, favorite product categories banners (with links), their recent orders status. Others include ~ showing relevant bestsellers items, limited time deals, and latest sales banners on your D2C enterprise ecommerce site

Look at their browsing history, wishlisted items, cart items, purchase history, etc to know their preferences 

  • Display delivery time and fees

On every product page, customized to the customer's location. For example, “Free Shipping to [insert pincode]” or “free shipping to Delhi”

  • Leverage cross-selling and upselling

Display related products under each product page to improve conversion rate and build customer interest. For example, if a customer is on a mobile phone page, show them headphones, temper glass, phone cover and earbuds under the heading “users who bought this, also bought these”

  • Emphasize on post-checkout experience

On the “thank you” page, don't just thank them for order confirmation, but also credit shopping points or cashback to their account. Don't forget to acknowledge this on the “thank you” page

4. Create retargeted ad campaigns

97% of buyers who visit an enterprise ecommerce site leave without purchasing anything. Want to bring the lost user, who earlier viewed items or downloaded your app, but didn't purchase it? It’s time to design retargeting Ad campaigns. Let’s learn how to create retargeting ads: 

Retargeting ad campaign: examples and tips

  • Run google dynamic retargeting ads for first–time visitors

Here Google uses your site cookies (which track users behaviour on the site) to personalize the ads. The ad contains the products that visitors have viewed or added to the cart or wishlisted. The coolest thing is that you don’t need visitors’ numbers, emails or names to personalize

  • Send abandoned cart email

Trigger a series of emails focusing on bringing converting visitors into customers.  Make sure to add some incentive in cart abandonment email like free delivery or price drop or 5% cashback

  • Run remarketing ads to engage existing customers

Offer exciting deals customer's favorite products. Get creative ad format i.e. create text ads, video ads, image ads to get customer attention on various channels. Some high ROI channels to run your ads are Google search, Youtube, Google display network sites, Google shopping feed, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Partner with micro and macro influencers

Find them on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Study their follower base, and ensure whether they match with the  target buyer persona. Focus on influencers that produce content, which is highly relevant to your products 

5. Offer fast and free shipping

93% of buyers consider free shipping over other kinds of offers (Source). Offering free and fast shipping gives you a competitive advantage as customers visit more than 3 enterprise ecommerce sites prior to purchase. Mamaearth also offers free deliveries with 2 days delivery time via their logistic solution (i.e. Shiprocket). 

Benefits of fast & free delivery

44% of online shoppers who abandon their carts cite shipping and handling costs as the primary reason

  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

73% of D2C shoppers expect affordable, fast shipping(Comscore). Choose a shipping partner that has a good history of managing deliveries

  • Increase average order value (AOV) and revenue

Get crafty with the free shipping concept. Attach sales-boosting elements on the checkout page. For example, “Get free shipping on orders above $100” or “Buy product subscription and get free delivery”

How to choose right logistics partner?: Must-have features 

Before hiring a logistics provider, do assess their cost and features. But what features really matter? To give you a trajectory, I have listed must have features below: 

  • Real-time order tracking, inbuilt data and analytics

  • Must offer automation in order creation and verification, shipping label creation, order assignment, etc

  • Must offer large Pincode coverage, insurance coverage for pilferages, discounted shipping rates

  • Easy channel integration for seamless order synchronization across various marketplaces, sites, apps, in-store etc

Reach greater height with StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform

StoreHippo D2C enterprise ecommerce platform is enriched with latest ecommerce technologies and features. Personalizing customer experience via StoreHippo across various channels is like a cakewalk. 

StoreHippo lets you connect third-party marketing and analytics tools, in a single click. For example, by connecting Google Analytics, you can get rich insights on your site visitors. You can then create remarketing campaigns by integrating advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

To tap the growing mobile sales, StoreHippo offers intuitive mobile commerce capabilities. It has an inbuilt mobile app builder, through which you can easily create Android and iOS apps, at zero additional cost. The best part is you don’t need coding skills while building apps using StoreHippo.

To offer fast and affordable deliveries, StoreHippo provides integrated shipping solutions that deliver to 29000+ pin code codes across India. Once you create your shipping account, you are eligible for discounted shipping prices, bulk order delivery, automated order processing, international support and much more.

Final takeaways 

Want to create huge D2C customer bases? Want to make millions in revenue and sales? IT’s time to shift from being product-centric to customer-centric. And the above hacks are customer-centric. Meaning, they are formulated based on customer interests, behavior, and personal needs.

Want to squeeze the full potential out of the above hacks? Look no further, as StoreHippo has features and technologies that maximize results and minimize the team efforts. Want to see how?

Grab your 14 days free trial to get instant access to StoreHippo’s advanced features to become the next revolutionary D2c brand.

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