5 Businesses That Can Leverage PWA To Grow Their Reach

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  • 5 Businesses That Can Leverage PWA To Grow Their Reach

Mobile devices have completely revolutionized the ecommerce industry. Today, over 60% of total internet usage (source) is happening via mobile phone.

With the increase in mobile device usage, it has become more important to target mobile users as well to improve the conversion rate. Using a PWA enabled website has come out to be one of the best ways to target the ever-increasing mobile users and enhance their shopping experience.

Progressive Web Apps have finally moved from a technological approach to the forefront of ecommerce. The reason behind this innovation is the ever-increasing mobile users around the world. 

Today, most ecommerce businesses are leveraging PWAs to encourage online businesses to create better mobile experiences.

So, what exactly is PWA?

PWA stands for progressive web app. It helps your store to be easily accessible on any device. It makes no difference in accessing these sites from smartphones, desktops, tablets, and more. Simply, open the website and you are good to go. This concept allows your website to look, feel, and perform like a native app.

And there are many other benefits of building your website with PWA in mind. Thankfully, turning any website into a PWA has become easier with SaaS-based ecommerce platforms like never before.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

  • Easy to use for customers

  • Improve online shopping experience

  • Leverage engagement tools like push notifications to convert more customers

  • Needs no downloading of mobile apps

  • Quickly adapts to the size of the screen and provides a rich user experience 

Being mobile-first is super important and has become a necessity. And PWAs play an essential role in driving business growth.

The top 5 businesses that can leverage the PWA approach to grow their reach and profits

1. Food delivery

The food delivery industry is one of the most wide-ranging industries in the world, with the retail value of hotels alone adding up to more than $495 billion. Being into the service industry, it is super important for business owners in this field to prioritize customer experience. 

For example, Starbucks mobile order and pay app has enabled the company to increase their transactions and business revenues. It is a perfect example of how food businesses are adopting mobile experiences and reaping excellent benefits. 

What’s stopping you from trying PWA features and enhancing the shopping experience for your customers? As PWA stores can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need of mobile apps, the customers can order their favorite food without any dependencies. The offline mode feature makes it easy for users to continue browsing even in low or connectivity areas and enhance their shopping experience.

2. Education

The ease of mobility has led to new learning processes. Especially in the current scenario when most of the users prefer to go mobile for most of their needs.  The reason is very simple. Mobile and PWAs make their journey a lot more convenient. E-learning being one of the most trending things in the education sector, it has become a necessity for education businesses to leverage mobile commerce. 

Mobile is unquestionably the technology that is going to reduce the limitations of distancing that exists in the education industry and then bring it to the doorsteps of the students. But you need the best mobile ecommerce solution to address these needs of education business. With a PWA enabled website, you can get a native app like look, feel, and functionalities for your education business. The students can easily access the site with the “add to home screen” feature. It helps you to re-engage customers with web push notifications.

This way you can customize the student’s interest and reduce the differences between education and geographic boundaries.

3. Fashion and apparel

When it comes to the fashion industry, there are several fashion brands across the world that update and refurbish their collection of clothes, shoes, accessories on a regular basis. This industry mostly relies on brands to launch new products. 

And today, when most of the fashion brands and companies have started using mobile fashion apps to give the latest products and information to their customers. With PWA features, the fashion and apparel companies can make use of mobile specific benefits like push notifications, real-time beacon notifications to their clients and then indulge them into a sale. The best part is that you need to go anywhere else but a one-stop solution like StoreHippo can help you build a PWA-enabled online store in no time, that too without any additional cost.

4. Health and fitness

The market is full of healthcare and fitness mobile apps. The focus of this business is to provide a systematic healthcare system, ease the access to quality healthcare and fitness regime, a co-operative doctor-patient interaction and relationship, expand patient medical knowledge, doctors on demand, weight loss, exercise, women’s health, pregnancy and more.

With the growing needs of consumers in this business, there are high chances of making huge business success in this field. PWA features like cross-device compatibility and faster site performance help the users to get seamless experience and an easy access to healthcare and fitness services in no time. The customers can save a lot of time and effort by accessing the ecommerce website on Android or iOS versions. It provides a seamless user experience irrespective of the screen size and device.

But you need to work well with the best mobile ecommerce solution to get your website converted into a PWA store and leverage mobile commerce. StoreHippo is one such ecommerce platform that supports you not only in developing mobile apps without any additional cost but also helps you to leverage PWAs for maximum customer conversions.

5. Grocery

With increasing popularity of smartphones and the convenience of mobile apps, there is an enormous growth in online grocery shopping. The grocery business is the spot where customer service and operations are given chief importance. Here, the mobile apps play a customer-centric approach and provide the preferred choice to customers. You are surely missing out on a lot of opportunities if your grocery business is not on mobile.

Today, developing your online store or website is not enough to reach more customers and accelerate business growth. With the tremendous growth of the grocery sector, a lot of companies have entered into this business. Now, it is very important to keep up with the technology trends to survive and thrive in this industry. With the PWA approach, you can reap all the benefits of mobile commerce and cater to maximum customers. To match these expectations, StoreHippo provides the best mobile ecommerce solution to create your own app-like website that leverages all the benefits of mobile commerce with advanced PWA features.

Leverage PWA to create a niche for your business

No wonder, mobile has become an inevitable part of the ecommerce industry. Being an online store owner, you need to think with a mobile-first approach. Mobile and PWAs has not only been instrumental in improving customer loyalty but has even helped in gaining new consumers by providing excellent experience of mobile shopping.

With the amazing mobile opportunities, PWA has also become a necessity. It helps you to make your website visible to most of the customers and at the same time, allows you to engage with them with automated tools. But to implement it seamlessly, you need the best mobile ecommerce solution just like StoreHippo. The online stores powered by StoreHippo run seamlessly on all devices, i.e.; mobiles as well as desktops. Using Progressive Web Apps, StoreHippo builds ecommerce websites that look, feel and work like mobile apps. They improve user experience and increase conversions. Explore all the amazing features of our mobile-ready ecommerce platform by starting your 14-day free. online trial  store  today.

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Progressive Web Apps are still alien to a few industries. Thank you for putting up the PWA approach out in the open, hopefully enterprises will accept the concept more.

By: Mallika Patel
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Hi Mallika, thanks for appreciating our blog on 5 Businesses That Can Leverage PWA To Grow Their Reach. If you need our help setting up an online store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo - Nov 25, 2022

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Progressive Web App was a revolutionary tech when it was introduced and still holds true for almost all internet businesses. It makes it extremely easy for stores to create mobile stores. This article elaborates on businesses that can especially benefit from PWA in a very detailed and informative way.

By: Virat Vaswani
Aug 18, 2022   Reply

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Progress Web App when launched was a game changer for the ecommerce industry as it opened the "mobile" avenue for internet brands. All online brands can benefit from having PWA technology. This article is very well written and articulated, very informative indeed.

By: Adam Morgan
Aug 05, 2022   Reply

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