5 Best Grocery Delivery Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

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  • 5 Best Grocery Delivery Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

Did you know that the online grocery market is expected to reach a value of INR 1,034.13 Bn by 2023? 

The trends and stats for the Indian online grocery market are very encouraging. Have a look;

  • $600 is the online grocery spend per capita 

  • INR 396 billion is the market value of online grocery in 2022

  • 21% of India’s economy is accounted for by grocery expenditure

  • $ 5.3 dollars is the estimated quick commerce market size of India in 2025

  • 95%+ of Indian grocery stores are made up of Kirana’s or a small grocery store

Source: Businesswire, Statista

Well, it's pretty clear that taking Kirana business online has huge growth potential. And this remarkable growth of the grocery market is driven by the growing acceptance of online daily needs shopping by customers, the COVID-19-induced situation, and most importantly, the increasing penetration of multi vendor marketplaces in metros, tier II, tier III and cities beyond.

Are you still thinking that shopping for your daily needs is a part of the fun? Ask the 21st-century generation about shopping for their daily needs. The response would be – “No idea”. And this set of online buyers is increasing significantly.

Well, the facts say it all. The number of online buyers in 2017 was 1.66 billion and is expected to reach 21.4 billion by 2021.

If you also want to be a part of this flourishing industry, check out the top success stories here.

  • Big Basket – This company is one of the biggest success stories in this segment. The division for daily needs was launched in 2001 and there was no looking back since then. The company has been growing massively and started to serve millions of customers in various cities of India.

  • Amazon Pantry – Without any surprises, Amazon is a huge brand name in the ecommerce market. Amazon Pantry was launched in 2017 and then after, expanding the services in different cities. Amazon is betting hard on the grocery online and FMCG category with this division and capturing millions of Indian online shoppers.

  • Nature’s Basket – This company is one of the pioneering food retail chains by Godrej. It has grown dramatically over the years with the vision to redefine the freshest and finest food experience in India.

  • Grofers – It is a Gurugram-based company founded in the year 2013. The company went on to raise over $10 million by 2015 and started with a B2B model. Soon, it entered the hyperlocal ecommerce market to exploit the endless business opportunities.

  • Zopnow – This company is extremely innovative in the daily needs segment and is betting on its 3-hour delivery promise.  Founded in 2011, Zopnow is amongst the early starters in the online business of daily needs.

Start your grocery delivery multi vendor marketplace: Steps to online success

If you have a dream to start your own grocery delivery marketplace for the first time or you have been in the game for a long time, this step-by-step guide will help you get started with your online store super soon.

1. Know your audience and decide on the delivery region

Finding opportunities in the market is the foremost step to moving ahead in business. To start your grocery store online and make it successful, decide the areas you will target first. And then, you can enhance your delivery regions over time. Using an ecommerce solution also helps you to capture and analyse leads and generate revenue from multiple locations.

 2. Choose a best-in-class ecommerce platform

This step can make or break your grocery online business and it sets the complete base for your online store. Well, you have two options here. You can build your store conventionally which is supposed to consume most of your cost and time. The second and easiest option is to partner up with an ecommerce solution service provider and get going with your store in a fraction of the time and cost. Like StoreHippo is a super quick ecommerce platform with 300+ inbuilt features to kick off your online site and make it successful with amazing marketing solutions.

3. List the diverse range of products

Starting a hyperlocal ecommerce business is not child’s play. You need to manage a diverse range of products to attract new customers every day. And it is definitely not a manual task to upload the products and manage the inventory online. With the inventory management tool offered by StoreHippo, you have the freedom to list various categories and sub-categories in a multi-tier hierarchy within your online store.  

4. Streamline grocery delivery system

“Delivery” is actually the critical term in online businesses. And you need to choose a reliable delivery service while starting your grocery online business. As this business deals with daily needs, delivery becomes even more crucial for your business. Choose an ecommerce platform that can integrate smoothly with your delivery partners and have the right set of features to update the order status in real time. 

StoreHippo offers a dedicated delivery boy management module to make the deliveries faster, trackable, and completely hassle-free. The sellers can easily manage the order shipments and track the delivery agents from their admin dashboard in real time. And at the same time, the delivery agents can use handy mobile applications to view and manage the order deliveries seamlessly. The advanced logistics features of StoreHippo make it much easier and error-free to manage ecommerce deliveries.

5. Automate your marketing efforts

You don’t just need to develop your online store and forget about it. To make it successful, you need to put in great marketing efforts too. It is important to ensure that your multi vendor marketplace solution has a dedicated marketing module for your grocery store. It will help you to gain a good amount of traction on your site and manage heavy online traffic easily. StoreHippo has the flexibility to handle your website traffic with its future-ready technology while designing personalised offers and discounts for customers.

 6. Make everything for mobile

Just like shopping grocery online is the next phase of shopping conventionally from supermarkets. Similarly, mobile shopping is the next phase in the retail industry. M-commerce is not only a passing trend that will go away in the coming time. But it is going to stay because it makes shopping easy and fun. So, it becomes very important to ensure that your multi vendor marketplace is mobile-friendly. StoreHippo simplifies the shopping experience with its mobile responsive themes and PWA support to offer a native experience to customers. You can also get your mobile apps (Android/iOS) right from your dashboard without any additional cost.

7. Multiple payment options

Customers always look for payment options while buying anything online. In fact, many of them even drop the idea of shopping the grocery online if they are not comfortable with the payment options. For the same reason, it gets very important to start your online store with a platform that offers flexible payment options like payment wallets, debit/credit cards, cash on delivery etc. StoreHippo has the much-required capability to integrate with multiple payment gateways seamlessly that allow the customers to make payment in the most comfortable manner.

Launch your grocery online store with StoreHippo today

With the growth of internet penetration and smartphone usage in tier II and tier III cities, more and more customers are influenced towards online grocery shopping. Given the growing demand, there is no dearth of grocery online marketplaces today. To create a strong presence in the eCommerce industry, brands need to create an engaging multi vendor marketplace that offers ease of shopping, quick after-sales support and hyperlocal ecommerce solutions.  

StoreHippo offers 360-degree ecommerce solutions to future-proof the brand. With a host of features and tools, enterprise brands can seamlessly manage their vendors on the grocery online marketplace. 

Start your 14-day free trial now and explore the multi vendor marketplace solutions to kickstart your grocery online business. 


StoreHippo’s multi vendor marketplace solutions offer powerful features and tools like end-to-end vendor management solutions, adaptive payments, separate vendor and admin dashboards etc to help you build a grocery multi vendor marketplace.

You can launch your grocery multi vendor marketplace in just a few days with StoreHippo’s comprehensive Saas-based 360-degree ecommerce marketplace solutions. 

Yes, with StoreHippo’s decoupled headless architecture, you can implement multi-level personalizations like building multiple stores for various locations, audiences etc.

Yes, with StoreHippo, you can streamline quick hyperlocal deliveries with a comprehensive delivery management system. You can manage your own fleet of delivery boys with StoreHippo’s delivery boy app. 

Yes, with StoreHippo you can either choose from pre-integrated domestic and international logistics partners or integrate your preferred shipping provider seamlessly. 

Yes, StoreHippo comes with 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways and enables you to implement multiple payment gateways based on the location or device of your buyers.

Yes, customers can order multiple products from different vendors in a single cart. The order is later created into multiple orders and assigned to respective vendors. With adaptive payment solutions, the order payment gets divided into multiple vendors and admins.

StoreHippo offers a host of marketing solutions to help you plan quick and strategic marketing campaigns for your grocery online marketplace. You can offer multiple levels of discounts and coupons with the powerful in-built discount engine

Yes, with separate vendor dashboards, each vendor can easily manage and run their business. The vendor dashboard provides the vendor order summary, sales report, best selling products etc in a single click, making it easy to fulfil orders.

Yes, StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce solutions offer each seller a unique seller page on the front end with their complete profile and products listed on the platform. The seller page helps the sellers get undivided attention from their customers.

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