5 benefits of using ecommerce email notifications on your web store

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  • 5 benefits of using ecommerce email notifications on your web store

Email still remains the most trusted and reliable source of communications for millions of users across the world. It gives you complete ownership, control, privacy and a sense of belonging which is lacking in social media or any other popular communications channel. The advantages of this channel have made  Ecommerce email notifications one of the most trusted and powerful tools which help online sellers to connect with their target audience.

Emails can be used to for a variety of scenarios like product promotions, informing about latest additions on your store, educating and sharing newsletters, sending confirmation at various stages and many other similar scenarios. Despite being a slower medium when compared to SMS or PUSH notifications, it the best medium for a variety of scenarios.

When used in the right scenarios emails can guarantee better ROI than any other communication channel for Ecommerce. Let us take you through the top 5 benefits of configuring email Ecommerce notifications for your store;


Widest Reach

It is estimated that there would be 4.9 billion email accounts by the end of 2017 as compared to  3.9 billion accounts in 2013. This means you can connect with a large audience base by sending them regular emails. Although,  the average time for viewing a mail is slow at 6.4 hours after receipt but your email message stays in the inbox of the user until deleted, which gives it a higher chance of being noticed.

Emails are used best for delivering notifications that are not time specific. Right from informing your customers about a successful registration to sending them valuable information about your blog posts, upcoming sales, incomplete check out follow up or refill order reminder, you can play around with emails in a variety of ways.

Ecommerce email notifications are easy to access and stay in the mailbox forever so they are the best means to send out important notifications like order receipt and tracking details which can be referenced over a period of many days.

Email Statistics Source: Radicati


Focused Engagement

Distractions are at their minimum when a user is scanning through the emails in her mailbox. This results in focussed engagement and serious interest in a product. The users who come through email campaigns on a website usually have a higher chance of buying as compared to customers who land on your website while surfing the net.

Since emails are the most widely used communication channel there is a lot of statistics and research available on the way this medium can be used to get maximum ROI. When the basic component of an email are well coordinated it has a higher view and click through rate resulting in better conversions.

By choosing the correct timing for mail delivery and personalizing ecommerce communications through emails, you can get ensure a strong connection with your audience.


Lag Time Effect

The overall customer lifetime value is more in the case of email communications as compared to other communication channels. As the emails stay in the mailbox for an indefinite period (unless deliberately deleted by the user), the chances of a lag effect increases.

To understand this scenario let us compare it to a PUSH notification which prompts you to buy a book. You view that notification on the go but are not interested in buying at that point of time. However, if the same book is promoted via an email campaign, even though you do not buy it instantly, but you can go back to the offer several times and if the book is interesting, you might end up buying it after a few days. 

Emails are the most reliable ecommerce communication channels when it comes to getting a lag time effect and repeat value from your notifications. Customers also tend to search and use your emails later for finding certain products on your website.



Emails are the most affordable method of sending out communications to a large group of users. The cost of sending emails is much low when compared to sending SMS or push notifications. This makes it one of the most cost effective ways of sending promotional information to users.

Delivering quality content to the right customer segment via your emails can take your ROI from email campaigns as high as $38 for every $1 spent on marketing strategy.

Making users subscribe to your newsletters via email is easier than asking for their mobile numbers to send SMS and push notifications.

Also, customers can be engaged and informed better by sending them low-cost ecommerce email notifications at various stages of an order. The lifetime value of email subscribers is also considered higher than the lifetime value of other communication channels.


Two-way Communication

Emails provide a two-way communication channel thus making your users feel empowered. They have a choice to reply back to you and send their feedback directly when you are communicating with them through this medium.

Emails are also helpful in collecting customer feedback, conducting surveys testimonials, product reviews, product rating and other user generated content which go a long way in building the brand reputation.

When emails are used in the right combination with other multi channel notifications of a website they become the most reliable source of collected information to improve the product and services of any given brand.



Now that you know that benefits of using emails, start using them to the best of their potential to stay connected with your customers. Explore the various uses of emails to boost your brand visibility and improve your marketing ROI.

Keep watching this space as we are going to bring interesting articles on use and benefits of other ecommerce communication channel.

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