3 Most Important Features Of The Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform In India

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  • 3 Most Important Features Of The Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform In India

Stepping into ecommerce is a big decision for a large business., There are many, many preparations to be done right from planning the flow to choosing the ecommerce solution. 

An enterprise ecommerce software is expected to be fast, have a strategically designed UI, and be loaded with features that make for a pleasant shopping experience for the customers. Moreover, it must offer an upper hand in doing business to the brand as well. 

Building a website with all those functionalities is big work. Luckily, there are ecommerce platforms available in the market that already know half your needs and have solutions for them. Better still, some of them even have new ideas for your enterprise’s website that you may not have thought of. 

Top three of such features that the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India provides

1. Scalability and High Performance

For any ecommerce business, the ultimate vision is growth. With time, you expect more traffic on the website, a bigger customer base, and a higher number in terms of sales. But is your enterprise ecommerce software equipped for handling the increasing load? 

This is where scalability comes into the picture. For a high-volume ecommerce business, scalability and high performance of their website is everything. It is 2020, and customers now expect an effortless shopping experience. And to be able to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers is what will write the success story of your organisation. 

A scalable ecommerce software will allow you to expand your business with growing customer demands as and when required. That way, you would not have to uproot the already existing software and shift to a new one every time the business needs change. Plus, you don’t want days of lags, unnecessary investment on development of new software, and “under construction” sign on the website, do you?

StoreHippo is the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India offering effective solutions for enterprise ecommerce. The websites built on StoreHippo can handle the increased load without compromising on the site performance and the page load speed. 

2. Customisation

There are a lot of ready-made items in the market, but tailor-made products have their own charm. What if you could combine the convenience of the ready-made and the personalisation of the tailor-made into one? That would create a product that is perfect for you!

Did you know it is possible to find customizable turnkey solutions for large ecommerce businesses too? Well, the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India, StoreHippo offers this feature to meet all your business needs. Using the customisation feature, you can easily bring to the market products/services that are unique to your business.

StoreHippo’s customisable ecommerce platform allows you the flexibility to perform the following functions:

  • Choose the theme or layout of your choice. You may modify them as per your brand colours, fonts, etc.

  • Set the language as per your preference. So, for example, if the target audience for your business is middle-class people above 40 years of age from North India, who are more comfortable with Hindi than English, you can set the default language for your enterprise ecommerce software as Hindi and make them feel at home.

  • You can put a maximum limit on the order quantity for a product. This feature turned out to be very useful amid COVID outbreak when the demand for sanitizers surged in India.

  • You can decide which payment modes you want to put up on the website. Some ecommerce websites offer a lot of options like debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI apps, mobile wallets, store credits, etc. 

These are just a few examples of the benefits one can avail from a customisable ecommerce platform. At StoreHippo, you can use these and many more features. 

3. In-Built Features and Integrations 

Features are what mark the distinction between average and the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India. The best platforms come with many in-built features to help the enterprises meet their various business needs. Few of them are:

  • Reach 

Whether you have a domestic business or an international one, your ecommerce platform should allow you to reach the targeted market. Moreover, currently, ecommerce is gaining high popularity for hyperlocal businesses too. So, whatever your desired reach is, use an ecommerce platform that allows you to reach your customers.

  • Easy payments

No business needs any hiccups in the last step of a sale. An enterprise ecommerce software should not have slow payment servers or difficulty in applying taxes and offers. Therefore, when building an online shopping site, make sure the platform provides multiple payment gateways, multiple modes of payment, automatic application of taxes and discounts, and an overall fast checkout process.

  • SEO support

In the world of digital, content is the king, and SEO goes a long way in increasing the reach of your website. StoreHippo offers SEO support for ecommerce websites using which you can stay ahead of your competitor websites, which makes it invariably the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India.

When your website shows among the top results for a product that the customers are searching for, they are likely to check it and even make a purchase.

You can employ the best SEO practices for your e-store using this feature and increase your SERP ranking, which will ultimately increase website visits and conversions. 

  • Multi-Vendor and Multi-Store 

The multi-vendor feature allows the admin to onboard multiple vendors and set up B2B and B2C marketplaces in no-time. The in-built multi-vendor modules offer each vendor a separate dashboard to manage their business easily. At the same time, the store admin has full control over the vendor activity, allowing them to oversee the business seamlessly. 

Many enterprises offer different categories of products in one place. However, they might not want to market the store to every type of customer in the same way. By using the multi-store feature by StoreHippo, you can display different storefronts to different customers and catch their attention. For example, a general marketplace store might show books and stationery items to children, while the same store shows cookware and home cleaning items to homemakers. 

Another feature important for an enterprise ecommerce software is integrations. A good ecommerce platform allows you to add integrations to your software and make your work easier. Many ecommerce platforms offer pre-integration related to payment gateways, logistics solutions, SMS services, etc., while also allowing you to add external integrations for calculations and other functions.


Building an ecommerce website is an important step for a business. Opting for turnkey ecommerce solutions is undoubtedly a better option than building a custom website, and there are many reasons why. It was impossible to mention all the features that an enterprise ecommerce software could offer, so we have mentioned the top three here. StoreHippo is a top ecommerce platform offering innovative ecommerce solutions for large businesses. Build your ecommerce site on StoreHippo and take your business to the next level by using hundreds of features available on it. Do not wait any further and start your 14-day free trial right away!

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