2- Step spam protection to keep spammers away from your online store

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  • 2- Step spam protection to keep spammers away from your online store

Having lots of traffic and subscribers on your online store is a dream come true. Isn’t it?

Think again!

Getting lots of subscribers might not necessarily mean good news when you build online store and witness such trends overnight. Unless you have spent millions in advertisements across various digital and print channels, this trend should be investigated thoroughly and immediately.

Not sure what might be wrong with having lots of subscribers on your online store?

Run a quick check.

Go through your subscriber list carefully. Are you getting genuine subscribers or have you been targeted by the spam bots that are attacking your store by automatically registering fake ids?

If you find lots of fake ids, you have a reason to worry.

Spambots: Why are they so dangerous?

Spambots are malicious computer programs specially made to send spam wherever they detect a lack of spam protection. The purpose of spamming can be any of the following;

  • Post large amount of annoying advertisements
  • Used by hackers to attack a website or servers
  • Spread virus or other malware by mass mailing
  • Post SEO links to black hat SEO
  • Post spam comments across your posts

Why do you need to protect your online store from spamming?

Spamming is a real threat that might look just annoying at first glance. Even if we don’t consider the more malicious intents, the less harmless among the above-mentioned purposes can also be detrimental to your day-to-day business.

If your online store receives attacks by spambots due to the absence of spam protection, it would invariably risk your website security, delay your business process and skew the results of your analytics and marketing efforts.  

By implementing some security features and tools on your online store you can ensure;

  • Protection of your site and servers from slow performance
  • Get clear and factual insight from your traffic and analytics
  • Keep your subscription lists clean and grouped
  • Save time and resource needed to keep your records sorted
  • Save money on your marketing efforts by targeting right audience

2 simple steps towards spam protection on your ecommerce store

Spamming is a real menace but thankfully we have tools to check it. In our aim to offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions to our customers, we have added two very effective yet simple to implement anti-spam solutions on the StoreHippo platform. The solutions are;


User verification

Both these solutions can be implemented within minutes, right from your admin dashboard. Let us check how these simple tools protect your website from attacks of spambots.


Captcha is the first line of defense against spamming on your online store. Captcha is a simple code that differentiates between humans and bots and thwarts any attempts to spam or extract data automatically from your online store. Users are required to submit the captcha code and verify that they are humans, not a computer program.


Captcha for ecommerce store

Captcha reduces spam on your online store as it can easily differentiate between “real” and “fake” users within seconds. While bots fail to complete the Captcha verification humans can solve it within seconds. Adding this e-commerce protection feature also gives your brand the reputation of being aware of security risks thus winning customer confidence.

Ideal places to implement captcha on your website are;

  • User Registration Forms
  • Contact Us forms
  • Marketing or Feedback forms where you are gathering user inputs
  • Comments section on your articles and posts

All ecommerce stores powered by StoreHippo ecommerce platform can use captcha across various forms to prevent spamming on their site.

User Verification

By implementing captcha you have ensured that only humans register on your online store. But how do you ensure that you get genuine new users when you buildonlinestore? What if someone has a fake list and using it manually to spam or scam your online store? With the increased incidences of online frauds, this can be a real threat.

To counter this StoreHippo offers dual user verification on your ecommerce store. You can enable the following user verifications on yourwebstore;

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Both Email and phone

Email and phone user verification

By enabling either or both of these verifications you can identify the genuine users and their device and reduce the vulnerability of traditional security measures. This e-commerce protection feature has many benefits some of which are;

  • Helps to authenticate all your users and their identity
  • Ensures that reset password feature is being used by your genuine user
  • Change of user address or other details are safeguarded
  • Transaction details are authenticated in real time
  • Builds up your marketing list

With so many benefits, user verification is a must-have feature for next generation ecommerce stores. StoreHippo offers default verification page and also allows you to create your own custom verification page. The verification process is OTP (One Time Password) based where the OTP is delivered on email and/or mobile phone and the user has to enter it in real time while verifying his registration.


Now that you know how to implement spam protection on your e-commerce store, go ahead and implement these simple and effective tools right from your admin panel. Keep watching this space as we would be publishing another informative article on Benefits of Social Logins on your Ecommerce store very soon.

Meanwhile, if you need any help in safeguarding your online selling site from spammers feel free to leave a comment below.

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