15 Rock Solid Reasons To Choose StoreHippo Headless Commerce Solutions

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  • 15 Rock Solid Reasons To Choose StoreHippo Headless Commerce Solutions

With ecommerce growing rapidly year-on-year, it has become super important to have the right technology like headless application to underpin a successful ecommerce strategy.

But with so many platforms available in the market, how can you evaluate the right ecommerce platform for your business?

No matter where you are in the process of launching or growing your business online, you need a right platform to capitalize on the explosive growth of the ecommerce industry. And choosing the right ecommerce solution that supports headless commerce is the key to become successful in this market.

Why choose a headless solution?

An ecommerce platform that supports headless architecture can be quickly tailored to improve customer experience and conversions. It eliminates the need of building entirely new websites optimized for various devices or touch points thus making it easier to sell on multiple channels rapidly. The headless application of the platform helps in attracting, engaging and retaining the customers big time and ultimately, boosts your business growth.

Now when you already know that a headless solution is the need of the hour to become successful in ecommerce business. It’s the time to choose the right headless solution.

StoreHippo offers you the most well rounded and easy to use headless commerce solution to create an awesome online store. Read on to explore top reasons why StoreHippo is the best headless solution for your online business.

15 rock solid reasons to choose StoreHippo headless commerce solutions

1. Innovative and customized buying experiences with pure headless commerce solution

The headless architecture helps you to offer customized and innovative buying experiences to your customers. Unlike app-based ecommerce platforms, you can use the 300+ decoupled headless API endpoints to create customized buying experiences. With the headless commerce platform of StoreHippo, you can implement changes quickly without compromising performance in any manner.

2. Leverage multiple shopping channels with omnichannel solution

Most of the ecommerce platforms have added headless features and elements after noticing the recent ecommerce trends. But StoreHippo is built on headless architecture to offer a full-fledged headless experience. Headless application allows you to connect multiple customer touchpoints easily and quickly. StoreHippo is one such ecommerce platform that offers a full-fledged headless experience. It helps you create the most immersive, personalized, and unforgettable omnichannel buying experience for your customers. The use of APIs allows you to build content consistency across multiple channels while offering personalized buying experience.

3. Grow your business with native and inbuilt features

Running an ecommerce business requires varied features and applications with a host of advanced tools. Unlike app-based ecommerce platforms, StoreHippo allows you to leverage 300+ inbuilt features along with the inbuilt support of build your online store , market it well, manage logistics and payments, and take your business to the new heights.headless APIs  for varied business models like B2B, B2C, and other out-of-the-box models. The native features and tools help you to

4. Maximize personalization with extensive customizations

Did you know that over 80% of the buyers are more likely to engage with the brand that offers personalized experiences? Personalization has become a must if you are already an online store owner or thinking of starting one. And when we talk about personalization, headless applications serve the best. With the headless architecture of StoreHippo, developers can have extended control over the look and feel of an ecommerce store and control the customer experiences like never before. With 300+ API endpoints to customize your online store, you can boost your order values ​​and conversion rates to enjoy maximum business profits.

5. Go Global with multilingual ecommerce solutions

StoreHippo allows you to reach out to native language speakers with go-global features. The global features help you to add new revenue streams for your online business. The headless CMS of the platform offers multilingual features and also auto translates the language of the ecommerce website based on the location and IP address of the customers. 

6. Add multiple currencies for your global customers

To support your global business needs, StoreHippo allows you to offer multi currency payment options to your customers. The inbuilt multi currency solution of StoreHippo allows you to add multiple currencies for any country without any limitations unlike other ecommerce platforms. With the headless CMS of StoreHippo, you can easily implement multi-currency in themes and invoices as well. It also offers extended features to automate the currency conversion based on IP address and supports payment gateway level automatic currency conversion. 

7. Build technologically superior stores with future-ready platform

StoreHippo is built on the most advanced MEAN technology to support your ecommerce business needs and future proof your business. It helps your customers to experience cross-device buying and increased website speed with high-end technology. The advanced technology with best-in-class headless commerce functionalities makes your online store fast, effective, and help you boost conversions on your online store.

8. Better conversions with mobile commerce

Mobile has become a dominant channel for online shopping. Unlike the other ecommerce platforms where mobile commerce was an afterthought, StoreHippo is built on mobile first technology. With the headless commerce solution in place, you can leverage the extended flexibility and customization with mobile commerce as well. StoreHippo also allows you to build mobile apps right from your admin dashboard and experience PWA stores that look, feel, and work like native applications. These features help in engaging and converting your customers more and more. 

9. Multiple payment choices to your customers

The importance of having multiple payment options on an ecommerce website cannot be underestimated. With the multiple payment options offered by StoreHippo ecommerce platform, you can enhance the buying experience of customers and retain them better. As headless commerce works on APIs (Application Process Integration), you can easily integrate multiple payment options to add to your customer convenience. StoreHippo allows you to integrate seamlessly with 60+ national and international payment gateways without having to do the interaction work. This saves money, time, increases security, encourages faster checkouts, and remains competitive in the industry.

10. Easily scale to reach new markets

With headless CMS (content management system), you can easily propel your content anywhere you want. It means you can easily deliver your blog posts , product videos to multiple channels to engage your users. The scalable ecommerce solution of StoreHippo allows you to scale to new markets while reducing your go-to market time. It helps to scale your front-end and back-end individually to experiment with your marketing initiatives and grow, and retain your customer base. Well, you can do it all without rearchitecting your ecommerce platform.

11. Strategize your marketing efforts with inbuilt marketing tools

The success of ecommerce companies does not depend only on the advanced technologies. You need to align the technology with the needs of customers to strategize your marketing efforts and convert maximum customers. This kind of agile marketing approach requires the right data to create the opportunities, evaluate, and improve the existing systems. With the benefits of headless commerce offered by StoreHippo, you can easily experiment with marketing efforts by customizing order flows, themes , checkout, and other key functionalities to offer highly personalized customer experiences. 

12. Improved buying experiences with super-fast website performance

Website speed has become one of the most basic and mandated requirements for ecommerce business. The consumers do not wait for any online store to load even for minutes. Leveraging the benefits of headless application can help you bring immense speed and agility to your ecommerce store. Unlike traditional ecommerce solutions, StoreHippo headless solution allows you to work separately on the front-end and back-end of the online store. It allows you to do unlimited modifications without disturbing the whole back-end system to create your own user experiences with no forced restrictions.

13. Seamless and automated logistics solution

To ensure your orders are processed seamlessly, StoreHippo offers seamless integrations with logistics aggregators using headless APIs. It allows you to integrate with multiple delivery partners , ship your products domestically as well as internationally, manage discounted shipping, and a lot more. With efficient tracking and automatic notification features, StoreHippo takes care of your end-to-end logistics management .

14. Get inbuilt support for B2B, B2C or out-of-box business models

Built on the premise of native solutions, StoreHippo offers a well-rounded ecommerce platform to support your changing business requirements. The scalable headless application of StoreHippo allows you to leverage all the benefits for B2B , B2C or out-of-box business models without any hassles. 

15. Fully integrated solution

With StoreHippo, you can easily integrate with your choice of software to build innovative solutions. The hassle-free and quick integration of softwares like CRM, ERP, accounting, and so on help you to manage your business without accessing disparate systems. The headless commerce capabilities of StoreHippo helps in integrating the software with certain APIs that are used to upscale your business. Ofcourse, you would not like to pay outrageous fees for customizations and integrations when your business takes off.


With the rapid growth of ecommerce, it has necessitated major changes in the world of consumer as well as business. Headless commerce has come up as the best solution to make the most of the favourable tide of online business. The headless solution offered by StoreHippo helps you to avail amazing benefits for your online store and even multi vendor marketplace. From managing multiple storefronts, global ecommerce features, powerful marketing tools, accounting and taxation management, automated shipping, multiple payment methods, omnichannel presence, StoreHippo covers it all.

Designed for the next wave of online commerce, StoreHippo is built on headless architecture to build, run, and grow your online business. So, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already an online business owner, avail the complete range of benefits of headless application with StoreHippo. Schedule a 14-day online trial   store to explore all the features offered by the platform and decide for yourself.

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