14 compelling benefits of payment gateway integration with StoreHippo

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  • 14 compelling benefits of payment gateway integration with StoreHippo

Creating a new online store to give your business the advantage of the booming Ecommerce? What are the top 5 things that you are considering to research thoroughly to start your new business? A website builder company or platform, suppliers for your products, end to end operations, logistics and most important payment gateways to accept  payments from your customers.

Choosing the right payment gateway for your business is the most crucial step towards ensuring a steady flow of orders on your store. A right choice of payment gateway goes a long way in building customer trust and ensuring repeat orders on your website. However, researching a host of gateways, their features, set up fees and other custom requirements can be a tedious and time taking process for any new business.

To make the online journey of our clients quicker and smoother StoreHippo brings payment gateway integration solution with a host of benefits.

We bring for you 15 unique business advantages that you get add to your business by opting for StoreHippo payment gateway solutions:

1) Choice of Multiple Gateways

With StoreHippo the online retailers get an exhaustive payment gateway list of 25+ domestic and international payment gateways to choose from. This means that you can choose the most suitable gateway as per your requirements and can keep adding more gateways as your business expands. Majority of payment gateways listed on StoreHippo platform offer discounted TDR rates for etailers that are integrated through our platform.

2) Seamless User Experience

A seamless checkout experience is crucial for improving conversion rates of an online  business. When the payment page functions seamlessly on all devices it results in higher conversions as the modern online shoppers prefer to shop on the go. StoreHippo helps in creating single page checkout that give seamless shopping experience across devices.

3) Capture Additional Information

StoreHippo ecommerce platform India  allows to capture additional information during the order process. You can take multiple inputs from your customers by adding the option to capture user inputs on custom requirement for delivery, recurrent billing, payment by cheque or any other custom payment requirement specific to your business. You can also add options for COD or offline payments using this functionality. 

4) Multiple Payment modes

The more payment options you offer to your clients the higher the chances of converting every potential impulse into a sale. StoreHippo allows you to integrate various payment options on your website. You can boost your selling potential by offering payment gateways, mobile wallets, offline payment options, cheques, cash payment, COD, UPI etc to your customers.

5) Customized Checkout Flow

Payment gateway process becomes extremely easy and business specific by using StoreHippo integration. You can integrate flow having single page or multiple page checkout flow depending on your payment gateway type and your target audience segment.

6) Automatic reconciliation

In an online payment scenario many a times the payment connection breaks while making a payments. In such cases the actual transaction goes through but the order is not captured in the dashboard. To avoid such scenarios StoreHippo runs a background job which creates an order in the successful order list of dashboard if the payment has been successful. 

7) Abandoned Checkout Follow up

StoreHippo makes it easy to retarget customers by simplifying and automating the process of abandoned checkout follow up. On an average Ecommerce stores lose 7 out of 10 sales to incomplete checkout. By offering automated follow up we minimize manual effort and increase the chances of converting an incomplete order into successful order.

8) Complete COD Flow

StoreHippo allows to reach the most grassroot buyers by offering simplified COD flow. You can setup COD collection and remittance through your logistics providers making it very easy to accept COD orders and money collection via this mode of transaction.

9) Setup Charges for COD

Despite the popularity of COD it has been an overhead for etailers to manage the COD cycle. To incentivise cashless transactions StoreHippo payment gateway process can be used to add additional charges on COD payments thus making COD costlier than other payment options.

10) Full Support for Offline and Manual Payment

Using StoreHippo payment integration you can offer full support for offline payments wherein customers can write cheques against their orders or make direct payment to the business house. The Admin can also take manual payments from user and then create an order for same without the need of going through payment gateway processing.

11) Adaptive payment Gateway

Using StoreHippo you can easily divide single payment made by customer into multiple sellers as well as admin. This comes very handy in case of multi-product orders where different sellers are going to supply different products for the customer.

12) Refunds 

The benefits of payment gateway integrated with StoreHippo platform is further extended by incorporating easy refunds back to the payment gateway. This comes handy in case of double orders or any disputed order where there is a probability of chargeback.

13) Support for Store Credit

Another very convenient feature offered by StoreHippo is the facility for wallet or store credit. Using this feature refund can be converted into store credit which the customer can use during next purchase. This works exactly like a payment wallet where a user has points or credit amount which can be used for purchasing anything.

 14) Multi Currency Support

StoreHippo also offers multi-currency support which makes it possible to convert payment made in any currency into the store’s  default currency. This automatic conversion saves time and also makes for easier accounting.


With so many compelling benefits StoreHippo offers one stop payment gateway solution for every type of online business. We offer extensive benefits of payment gateway by bringing together lots of domestic and international payment gateways on our platform. 

Check the StoreHippo Payment Gateway page for complete list of gateways available with StoreHippo. Keep visiting our blog section as we would keep adding more on the payment channels and their advantages in our coming articles.

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