10 Tips To Craft an Amazing About Us Page for your Ecommerce Website

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  • 10 Tips To Craft an Amazing About Us Page for your Ecommerce Website

There are a lot of different factors involved in creating and optimizing your website when you build an online store for the first time. And we are not only talking about investing hours upon hours of hard work into creating categories and uploading products but also planning your shipping processes and so much more. Compared to all this, creating an ‘About Us’ page for your online store seems quite easy and fun process. 

What? You don’t think it’s that easy? 

Well, stay with us and find out.

Why you need an About Us Page?

The About Us page is generally used by businesses to offer more insight to their customers about the ecommerce website, its operations, the brand and its visions. For instance, when you walk into a brick and mortar store, you must have seen the manager and his/her employees working together and interacting with the customers to give them a sense of what the store is about. 

This is exactly what About Us pages do for ecommerce stores. They give the visitors a glimpse into their online businesses. But that’s not all, these pages can also be used as a marketing tool in order to find potential customers through web searches. In short, creating an About Us page when you build an online store helps build your brand credibility and customer trust.

How to create an About Us page?

So, how can you create a compelling about us page that will show your customers who you are and what you do? Simple, by following the ten tips that will help you craft an amazing About Us page for your online store.

1. Personal Story

The best stories and storytellers are those who speak from experience. The real-life experiences of you and your business form the basis of an emotional entryway for your customers. That’s why you should paint a story about your ecommerce website that customers can easily relate to and empathize with. 

And what better place to tell your story than the About Us section of your store. Here, you can tell your customers about your brand in an honest and easy to digest way. Just make sure the information you provide is compelling and true.

2. Contact Information

Think of your About Us page as one of the most important pages of your website. Treat it as such because it is definitely one of the most frequently visited ones since the time you built an online store. Inspire trust through your About Us page rather than simply telling what’s special about your products or services

And the easiest way to build up trust is to tell them where you are located. Without it, you are just a website address (pretty impersonal, huh?). Do it even though you have your mailing address at the Contact page. It’s a good start to let your visitors know how close or far you are from them. If nothing else, at least mention your City and State on the About Us page.

3. Visualize Your Audience

While writing About Us page for your ecommerce website, it’s better to write it from your prospective customers' point of view. After all, they are the ones reading it. Understand who are you talking to, is he a teenager or a senior citizen? A working professional? A new mom with a baby? Understand their wants and needs, only then approach them in writing.

It’s just like reading a magazine or watching a television program. Ever thought how they are designed keeping a specific audience in mind? This is exactly what you need to do for your About Us page while building an online store i.e. speak the language of your visitors.

4. Include Visuals

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that images and videos have a much better conversion rate than simple text. This is because visuals are much more efficient at helping people process and understand information. 

We are not proposing here that you cannot create an About Us page with anything but text. Of course, you can, but adding the visuals including the illustrations and infographics might make all the difference, your ecommerce website needs to become successful. Just make sure to add elements that increase the value of your story rather than simply for the sake of doing so.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

If you are not new to the ecommerce industry then you fairly well understand how important customer reviews and testimonials are for your business. We know you have an area on your product pages where customers can leave reviews, but why leave them there? Why not include these and testimonials on your About Us page?

After all, the About Us page on your ecommerce website seems like as good a place as any. Even better because now you know this page is more frequently visited than other pages. These user submitted quotes can greatly contribute to your story besides helping you build trust with your customers.

6. Let them know Your Team 

Your team is constantly working hard to make your customers happy. It only seems fair to the customers to see the faces behind the people who have been helping them out since the time you built an online store.

This not only humanizes the overall shopping experience for your customers but also makes your employees feel special that they are being featured on the website they work for. Another thing you can consider is adding short biographies of your employees to help the customers better understand you and your employees.

7. Include Product Links as well

If you wish to stand out from the crowd one day then you must learn to do things differently. How about optimizing your entire ecommerce website rather than just the homepage and product pages? How? 

By including a link to your product pages in between certain pieces of content or at the end of the page. This will help draw web browsers back to these products. The thing is, after learning about your business, customers are more likely to trust your brand and ready to buy.  

8. Use Social Proofs

About Us page serves as a great medium to showcase your accomplishments. Here, you can highlight not only your customers’ reviews and testimonials (as I mentioned earlier) but also media clippings and awards from the time you built an online store to this day, that you won.

We believe that if you have something special, let your customers know about it. Tell them why your existing and past customers love your brand. Showcase the business awards that you have won along with all the major publications that have featured your products or brand.

9. Include CTA

CTA or call-to-action is a simple, directive statement that tells your prospective customers what to do and where to look next once they are motivated by the About Us page in your ecommerce website. These are excellent tools for offering meaning and purpose to your page content.

Having CTA on the About Us page will greatly impact the conversion rate of your online store. Since CTAs provide immediate access to the content, they establish much faster connections between a consumer’s desire and availability, leading them to take action.

10. Be a Conversationalist

What people really want while visiting your About Us page is to learn what you do. That too in simple, unambiguous terms. Writing in acronyms might have seemed like a clever trick at the time you were building an online store but currently, it’s outright cold and boring. So, avoid it. Instead, write in a way that makes your content not only friendly and accessible but also enjoyable to read.

Another thing to avoid is giving your About Us page some obscure names such as ‘Our Story’, ‘Our Journey’, or ‘Our Company’. Give people the About Us page they came looking for on your website. A downside of coming up with too vague a name is that people might miss you completely.


After going through the entire list, we believe you are ready to create an amazing About Us page for your ecommerce website. And not just ready, you are about to become part of the exception, standing out from a crowd of look-alike About Us pages.

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