10 Things to look for in the multi store software for large enterprises

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  • 10 Things to look for in the multi store software for large enterprises

Looking for multi store software for your large enterprise?

Navigating a maze of options?

Confused about which path to choose?

Well, finding the right software for your large enterprise can be a game-changer.

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise ecommerce solutions, choosing the right enterprise marketplace solutions is not just a decision—it's your strategic advantage.

Wonder how to go about selecting the best enterprise software for your brand?

Fret not, we bring to you the key factors to consider when selecting the multi store ecommerce solutions for your business.

Enterprise Multi- Store Marketplace: Trends and Market Scenario 

Marketplaces have long proven to be the most lucrative business model for large enterprises. And creating a network of sub-stores is just the right next step to grow your enterprise marketplace brand. 

To understand why your enterprise should create a multi store presence, let us delve into the latest ecommerce trends:

  • 95% of all shopping will be done online by 2040
  • 32% of ecommerce businesses operate more than one online store
  • 48% of buyers go directly to a marketplace when shopping online
  • 28% of online businesses plan to expand internationally, making multi-store management a key enabler of global growth
  • 38% higher revenue for companies managing multiple stores as compared to those with a single store
  • $8.7 trillion is the expected sales on multi vendor marketplaces by 2025

Source: Statista, McKinsey, Forbes, Eglobeits

The trajectory of the ecommerce landscape is set for exponential growth in the coming decade and beyond. With customer expectations evolving rapidly and buyers opening up to cross border ecommerce as well, it is time to build an enterprise marketplace with a network of stores for your brand.  Design an online shopping experience like no competitor gives to your buyers and you are here for the long run. However, to build such a presence you need to have the best enterprise ecommerce solutions at your disposal.  

10 Things to look for in the multi store ecommerce solutions

It can be challenging to ensure that you have made the right choice while selecting the multi store ecommerce solutions for your large enterprise. To help you navigate the path, here are the top 10 things you should look for in enterprise ecommerce solutions.    

Ease of rolling out new stores quickly

When you build an enterprise marketplace for your large-scale business, it is important to be able to roll out new stores quickly. While choosing your software, look for the feature to build multiple sub-stores quickly.

With the ability to roll out new stores, you can align your business to target new buyer segments, geographies and even garner undivided attention for new product lines via new stores.  It also becomes easy to adapt to the changing customer demands and market trends easily and efficiently when you have the means to build new sub stores quickly.

Building multiple stores with different logins, and managing multiple stores on various dashboards can be challenging. However, an ecommerce platform that helps create a chain of sub-stores quickly should be your choice.

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions enable you to create multiple location-specific niche stores in just a few clicks and in record time. You can seamlessly create and manage multiple stores from a central dashboard that helps you carry out hassle-free business operations on all sub-stores. StoreHippo helps you create the following types of sub-stores:

  • Category-based sub-stores: Create unique stores for every product category on a single website
  • Locations-based sub-stores: Create multiple stores for various locations within the country or in global locations
  • Affiliate stores: Create a network of affiliate stores for your large enterprise business

StoreHippo multi store software helps you create unique sub-stores as per your business needs and requirements. You can create any custom online stores network based on your requirements with StoreHippo.

Ability to create unique store designs 

A single design for all your sub-stores? Sounds bland, right? Since you are planning to cater to different sets of audiences, you certainly need multiple designs to attract, engage, and convert customers on your multi store marketplace. Well, it can be challenging to create unique designs and layouts for all your sub-stores without an enterprise marketplace offering easy design solutions. While choosing multi store ecommerce solutions for your business, look for the ability to create custom and unique store designs.

StoreHippo helps create unique designs for each of your stores with its 100+ device-optimized themes. You can create conversion-oriented designs for each of the stores based on user preference. StoreHippo comes with a rich design theme library that helps you create professional-looking designs in no time. With the easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool from StoreHippo, even a novice user can create customized designs without the need for coding. You can play around with the design and seamlessly overhaul the complete website look and feel regularly.          

Advanced store management solutions

When you build an enterprise marketplace for your business, make sure to look for advanced store management solutions that offer a quick turnaround time and help run and manage multiple stores seamlessly. It can be tiresome to manage and operate multiple stores, onboarding various vendors, while also synchronizing the customer data, managing the wide catalog, multiple orders coming from different sub-stores, etc.     

StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce solutions come with multiple features and tools to help you manage all your sub-stores seamlessly. Here are some unique features from StoreHippo multi store software that help you manage multiple stores 

  • Built-in product and order management system with advanced, automated, and simplified order processing to streamline your order and inventory planning
  • Efficient order management system that gives great insights into business 
  • A central dashboard to operate all the sub-stores seamlessly
  • A common database to seamlessly allocate different product lines and categories in different stores 
  • A single login to integrate multiple payment and shipping partners on all the stores
  • Comprehensive multi vendor solutions to easily onboard multiple vendors on all the sub-stores

Mobile apps for all sub stores

63% of mobile phone users prefer to shop from brands that offer mobile apps or mobile websites. With mcommerce gaining momentum, you need to leverage mobile-ready solutions to boost your conversions. But is it possible to create multiple mobile apps for all your sub-stores? Yes, when you choose enterprise marketplace solutions built on a mobile-first approach, you can seamlessly create multiple mobile store websites.        

StoreHippo ecommerce solution is built on a mobile-first approach that comes with a built-in mobile app builder. You can seamlessly create multiple Android and iOS mobile apps for all your sub-stores right from your admin dashboard at zero additional costs without having to worry about coding. StoreHippo also creates PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices, and work with poor internet connectivity. StoreHippo multi vendor marketplace also offers multiple mobile solutions for different users like vendors, delivery boys, admins, etc to help them handle their business on the go.   

Omnichannel ecommerce solutions

As 90% of the customers look for consistent omnichannel interactions, it becomes mandatory to create seamless multi channel presence for your brand. People love brands that are available for them on multiple channels. Going omnichannel helps you engage better and boost your conversions manifold. While choosing your multi store software, make sure to look for best-in-class omnichannel solutions that help you create a consistent user experience for your multi store enterprise brand across all channels. 

StoreHippo offers ready-to-use omnichannel ecommerce solutions for multi channel selling needs of your large enterprise business. You can create a personalized user experience on all the channels loved by your customers with StoreHippo. Here is a list of things you can do with StoreHippo solutions:

  • Add new customer touchpoints quickly using the same backend logic and APIs
  • Create consistent buyer experiences across multiple channels and multiple stores 
  • Centrally control all the sales channels on your multi vendor marketplace
  • Improve the operational efficiency across all channels while reducing the cost
  • Get better customer insights on multiple channels to leverage the most profitable sales channel
  • Get channel-specific insights that help you leverage data-driven strategies

With omnichannel solutions at hand, you can seamlessly cater to all your customers across all channels.

Ease to offer personalizations

As you build multiple stores for your large enterprise business, you need to also create personalized storefronts for your customers. Wonder why? Well, this is the age of hyper-personalization. 60% of the customers are more likely to buy again from brands that offer personalizations. When you choose your multi store ecommerce solutions, make sure to look for ease of creating personalizations, and offer agility and flexibility. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solution is built on a decoupled headless architecture that offers a flexible ecommerce platform to help you create a chain of personalized ecommerce stores. With StoreHippo you can customize the frontend and the backend with the API-based architecture without disturbing the entire ecosystem. You can create multi level personalizations like products, prices, offers, shipping, checkouts, content, design etc of each store. Based on your user’s order history and other demographics, you can also create personalized product recommendations.You can convert better by sending out personalized web, push or mobile notifications about the latest arrivals, discounts, etc. with a personalized multi vendor marketplace. 

SEO and marketing tools

To create a brand value for your large enterprise business, you need the right set of SEO and marketing tools. It can be tricky to plan diverse marketing strategies for a separate audience base from each sub-store. Hence, choosing a solution that helps you market your multi store brand to a wide audience base becomes essential. When you go ahead with a software that offers built-in marketing tools, planning, strategizing and executing the marketing plans become easy.

With the built-in SEO tools from StoreHippo, you can easily create unique URLs for pages, meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords, and more right from your admin dashboard. As you align your enterprise brand with a good SEO strategy, you can boost your website traffic and get higher conversions. StoreHippo enterprise marketplace solutions come with a host of built-in marketing tools and features. With the powerful discount engine, you can offer multi-level discounts and create personalized coupons for customers on your multi store marketplace. StoreHippo also helps you recover abandoned carts by sending out personalized real-time emails and push notifications to your customers.   

Seamless third-party integrations 

Wonder if you need third-party integrations to seamlessly run your multi store marketplace?  Well, hassle-free integrations help you manage your business operations on multiple stores. You can build disruptive and innovative ecommerce solutions for your multi vendor marketplace with the help of seamless third-party integrations. While choosing your enterprise software, make sure to go with one that offers seamless third-party integrations.

With StoreHippo’s headless APIs, you can integrate with the software of your own choice. Hassle-free and quick integration of third-party software like CRM, ERP, accounting, etc help you manage your day-to-day business operations seamlessly. StoreHippo also enables you to integrate with multiple delivery partners, payment channels, chatbots, live chat, etc. to offer an excellent shopping experience for your customers. 

Multiple payment gateways 

When you build an enterprise marketplace for your customers, do not miss out on creating a seamless checkout process. Customers love brands that offer them an easy payment process and freedom to choose their preferred payment gateways. A complex payment process can reduce the chances of a customer returning to your website. With multiple stores in hand to take care of, you need ecommerce software that helps you create a seamless payment channel across all your sub-stores. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to help you create a frictionless payment channel for your customers. With StoreHippo multi store software, you can integrate with more than one payment gateway and offer your customers various payment options like COD, net banking, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, etc. You can also add different payment solutions for different stores to increase your conversion rates. 

Ability to create secure sub-stores 

Online businesses entail security and privacy issues. And it can be challenging to manually provide high-end security on all of your sub-stores. As you choose your multi store ecommerce solutions, make sure that it helps you create a safe and secure ecosystem. Security becomes a major concern for customers shopping online and thus robust security measures become a must to create secure shopping experiences in your chain of stores. 

StoreHippo offers a secure solution with SSL encryption that helps you create secure stores for your large enterprise business. StoreHippo is a PCI-DSS-compliant ecommerce platform that offers free SSL certificates. With the built-in one-way encryption and the PCI-DSS-compliant payment gateway partners, you can ensure transaction security on all your stores. The multiple security features from the multi store software, StoreHippo, like granular user roles, access to audit logs, two-way authentication, etc offer a highly secure solution for your business. 


Choosing the multi store software for your large business can be challenging. Being equipped with the essential tools that help you create tailored solutions for your enterprise business is a must. You can seamlessly focus on your business growth with an inherently scalable ecommerce platform that can accommodate diverse business models.

StoreHippo multi store ecommerce solution is a SaaS-based ecommerce platform that comes with 300+ enterprise-grade features and 120+ integrations to help you create an innovative multi vendor marketplace for your business. The 360-degree ecommerce solutions come with features like product and order management, marketing tools, pre-integrated logistic solutions, payment gateways, go-global features for seamless international businesses, etc.

Are you all set to choose the enterprise marketplace solutions for your business? Explore the StoreHippo platform by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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