10 Must-have features for a successful white-label marketplace

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  • 10 Must-have features for a successful white-label marketplace

Planning to embark on a journey to build your white label online marketplace?

Afraid of the complexities that come with building a marketplace?

Fret not, we have brought your ticket to building a cutting-edge online marketplace with minimal hassle.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to unlock the secrets to crafting your very own white-label marketplace website. 

White label marketplace platform - Global Marketplace Trends And Market Scenario

Before we dig into building you a white label SaaS marketplace, let us look at a few growth trends for online marketplaces:

  • $8.7 trillion is the expected sales on multivendor marketplaces by 2025
  • 35% of online businesses have switched to a multi vendor marketplace by 2023
  • 48% buyers prefer to buy from a marketplace website when shopping online
  • 62% of global online retail sales come through online marketplaces
  • 75% of frequent online buyers wish their favorite retailers had marketplaces 

Source: Digital Commerce 360, Finextra, Bain & Co., Accel Partners

The versatility and scalability of online marketplaces have made them the star of ecommerce landscape. As buyers increasingly favor shopping on marketplace websites, launching your white-label marketplace website is the sure-shot way to diversify your revenue streams strategically.      

Now you might be wondering how one goes about building a successful white label marketplace. 

Fret not, you can embark on a journey filled with conversions and optimize your platform for maximum visibility. 

10 Must-have features for a successful white-label marketplace

To gain maximum benefits of a white label marketplace and unravel its potential, we bring to you a list of top 10 features to help you navigate your way to success in the burgeoning sector. Let us build a successful white label online marketplace that gives you the freedom to tailor the platform to align with your brand identity.

Cutting edge technology

When you look for a white label marketplace platform for your business, make sure that the platform is built on an advanced technology that helps you future-proof your business. Choosing a turnkey platform powered by next-gen technology is essential to have better creative control, flexibility and scalability in your whitelabel marketplace. A solution that comes with a host of built-in features and does not require additional paid apps or plugins to run the marketplace is the best choice.      

StoreHippo is a 360-degree ecommerce solution, built on MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native Headless) that helps enterprise brands like yours to build innovative out-of-the-box solutions. StoreHippo white label marketplace platform is powered by a next-gen MEAN stack that helps build cutting-edge ecommerce solutions for your enterprise brand. The fully hosted and managed enterprise ecommerce solution also offers comprehensive enterprise-grade features to future-proof your business.

Customization and scalability

What is the core reason to opt for a white label marketplace? So that you can build a customized marketplace solution, right? While choosing the platform to build your marketplace, look for a multi vendor white label marketplace platform that can be easily customized according to the brand’s unique needs. You should be able to design your marketplace as per the market trends with easy designing solutions. The marketplace platform you choose should help you scale your business to millions of products, sellers, locations, customers, etc.

StoreHippo is built on a decoupled headless architecture that helps you customize your marketplace platform. You can tweak your enterprise ecommerce platform inside out and implement multi-level customizations. StoreHippo white label marketplace platform helps you build multiple storefronts/sub-stores for different locations, audiences, or different categories, customize the shipping solutions and digital payments, offer multilingual content, and personalized pricing, create multiple store designs, implement customized discounts etc. StoreHippo also offers peak-load tolerance with consistent high-performance sites as your brand grows. The inherently scalable cloud infrastructure from StoreHippo supports and accommodates business growth without having to bother about replatforming. 

User-friendly interface for all parties

A marketplace is successful in reality when all the parties involved like the admin(s), sellers and customers find the platform easy to use. The white label SaaS marketplace platform builder you choose must be easy to use for all your internal teams, making buying, selling, and managing your business easy. Your buyers also look for easy navigation and search filters that make buying an easy process for them. The ability to shop on mobile devices will always earn you a brownie point.

StoreHippo offers an easy-to-use interface that even novice sellers can sell on easily. It comes with a host of features like multi vendor solutions, advanced product and order management solutions, an intuitive dashboard, etc. StoreHippo white label marketplace platform offers great freedom and flexibility to run your business and creates a simple user interface and easy navigation for your customers. You can easily access orders, transaction details, get in touch with customer service, etc and align quick conversions. 

Comprehensive vendor management solutions

Building a white label online marketplace means you need to manage your vast vendor network quickly and effortlessly. You need comprehensive vendor management solutions to look after onboarding, commission set-up, managing and approving product catalouges, setting vendor level discounts etc. While looking for the white label marketplace platform, make sure to look for well designed modules to navigate through the challenges of managing the vendor network. 

StoreHippo comes with an end-to-end vendor management solution that makes it easy for the vendors to onboard on the ecommerce platform. StoreHippo offers a separate vendor dashboard for each seller to manage their complete business independently. StoreHippo also creates a separate seller page for each of the vendors giving them undivided attention of the buyers.     

Support for different business model

Enterprise brands do not follow rigid business models. Given the current market scenario, brands need to grow and match pace with their competition. To keep experimenting with new business models and create hybrid ecommerce solutions, brands need white label marketplace platform that not only builds whitelabel solutions but also supports different business models like B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C, hyperlocal ecommerce etc. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions help you build a range of marketplaces in no time. Brands can seamlessly build horizontal, vertical, B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C, hybrid or custom marketplaces with its advanced ecommerce solutions. While other marketplaces offer plug-ins or extension-based solutions, StoreHippo does not require complex codings to scale your marketplace. You can build innovative out-of-the-box custom marketplaces with StoreHippo’s headless architecture.  

Seamless integrations

Are you already using any third-party software or service provider for running your daily business operations? You need white label marketplace platform that can seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP, marketing, accounting, delivery, payment and other solutions/software. To carve a niche for your enterprise brand in the ecommerce market, you need to integrate with various tools that can help you offer an out-of-the-box feature to your customers.

StoreHippo supports multiple integrations with the tools and software of your choice and helps you build innovative white label marketplaces. The headless API structure from StoreHippo ecommerce solutions help you manage your day-to-day business operations by integrating with multiple third-party softwares like CRM, ERP, analytics, accounting, etc. You can also integrate your white-label marketplace website with different chatbots and live chat to offer a smooth support system to your customers.  


To build a successful marketplace, you need a secure white label platform that helps sellers build trust and protect sensitive customer data and transaction information. Opt for a marketplace platform that ensures robust security and helps you build secure and safe ecommerce platforms.          

StoreHippo provides robust multi-layer security with an SSL certificate and highly secured payment gateways. White-label marketplace websites can get a free SSL certificate directly from StoreHippo admin. You can also ensure safety of payment information and customers’ data by building PCI DSS compliant sites when you build marketplaces on StoreHippo's secure ecommerce platform. 

SEO and marketing tools

As you build an online marketplace, you also need to market it well to the target audience. And to put out your marketplace to the customers you need the best-in-class SEO and marketing tools. While choosing the marketplace website builder, make sure to look for an SEO-friendly platform that comes with built-in marketing tools. The white label SaaS marketplace platform can target the right audience with the analytics and marketing tools that offer them an in-depth understanding of the market trends and insights into customer needs.        

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with multiple built-in marketing tools and features. You can offer multi-level discounts on your marketplace with the powerful discount engine from StoreHippo. With the notification feature from StoreHippo, you can send out real-time notifications to your customers about the running offers and also recover abandoned carts. The in-built SEO tools help you rank your business higher on SERPs. By seamlessly integrating your white-label marketplace website with platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc. you can have rich customer data in your hands and strategize your marketing plans. 

Integrated payment and shipping solutions

Complex payments are the major pain point of customers while buying online. Building a successful marketplace also includes offering a seamless buying journey to your customers. When you create a frictionless payment process on your marketplace, you make your customers feel confident and boost your conversions. The one other thing that is monumental while shopping online is streamlined deliveries. Customers love it when their orders reach them at the earliest. While deciding on the white label marketplace platform, make sure to look for solutions that have solutions to streamline deliveries and fulfillment.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with a full spectrum of digital payment solutions. It comes pre-integrated with 60+ domestic and international payment gateways for you to provide your customers with the choice of using their preferred payment options. Your customers can choose from COD, net banking, digital wallets, card payments, etc. StoreHippo also comes with 30+ pre-integrated logistics partners for you to pick and choose from. The comprehensive built-in delivery boy management system helps you streamline and offer safe, error-free order deliveries on your white label online marketplace. You can seamlessly onboard, manage, and track your fleet of delivery boys right from the admin dashboard and create a streamlined supply chain.

Upgrades and updates

You need a marketplace solution provider that not only helps you in building your marketplace but goes beyond the launch. You need ongoing technical support on your platform that can accommodate business growth. With the rapid evolution of technology and business models, regular updates and support from your software provider have become essential. Make sure to choose a white label platform that offers periodical upgrades to keep up with changing market trends. 

StoreHippo white label marketplace platform is a versatile ecommerce website builder that offers 360-degree solutions to help you build multi seller software for enterprises across industries and geographies. The comprehensive built-in multi vendor feature and support for multiple business models make StoreHippo solutions the best choice for enterprise brands planning to build their tailored marketplace website.


As you plan to build a white label marketplace website for your enterprise business, you need to look for the right solution provider strategically. You need a solution that is reliable, feature-rich, and future-ready, helping you build a successful marketplace. As you can customize the marketplace to the unique business needs, you lay the foundation for building and solidifying your brand presence. 

StoreHippo is an advanced white label marketplace platform that provides 300+ built-in enterprise-grade features and support for a variety of business models like B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C, hyperlocal commerce etc. StoreHippo is built on MACH architecture to offer solutions for all industry verticals or business models. Are you all set to rebrand your white label SaaS marketplace with StoreHippo? Explore the wide range of enterprise-grade features by starting your 14-day free trial now.

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