10 little known ways to get more sales on your enterprise B2C e-commerce website

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  • 10 little known ways to get more sales on your enterprise B2C e-commerce website

More traffic and increased sales - the two things that every online business fancy today.

But how many can achieve that? 

Sadly not many!

And that’s why we have put together 10 little-known ways to get more sales on your enterprise B2C e-commerce website.

Before you create an online store to take your enterprise business digital, let us overview a few B2C e-commerce trends:

  • $8.80 trillion expected market size of the global B2C ecommerce industry by 2026
  • 50% growth of the B2C e-commerce between 2021 and 2025 
  • 9.7% CAGR of B2C ecommerce from 2021 to 2028
  • $ 8,384.0 billion expected market revenue of the B2C e-commerce online payment segment by 2026

Source: Statista, Global Data 

The key factors driving the B2C e-commerce market growth can be attributed to the increasing acceptance of technology and the intense use of social media. The modern-age customers are accustomed to making online purchases today, thus boosting the B2C e-commerce industry.  

How enterprise B2C e-commerce websites can accelerate their sales growth 

For an enterprise B2C ecommerce model to attain business growth and market profitability, customer engagement needs to be your top priority. Yes, without having to spend millions of dollars on your marketing efforts, you can rapidly align with changing buyer expectations and plan strategic growth. 

Wondering how to capitalize on the growing B2C demand to achieve higher ROI on your online store? Let’s plunge into the details: 

Offer ease of shopping 

To have your customers going gaga over your B2C e-commerce website and to boost your sales, the website must be designed to offer ease of shopping. The right questions to ask here are - Are you segmenting your products wisely? Is navigation easy on your marketplace website? Are you providing the right mix of static and dynamic images? 

With a good website design and seamless shopping experience, that includes less load time of web pages, strategically placed CTAs, easy access to reviews and ratings etc, you can hack sales on your website. When you offer a complete 360-degree view of the products and enable the customers to wishlist their choices, your conversion rates can increase exponentially. 

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions make it easy for enterprises to offer a smooth buying experience to their customers. With StoreHippo’s pre-designed and customizable themes, you can ensure that your brand sees a steady growth graph. 

Personalize buyer journeys 

The power of personalization is immense! Yes, almost 90% of online businesses are already investing in personalizations in content, pricing, offers, shipping solutions, payment options etc. To grow your sales number on your marketplace website, it is time to invest in a personalized shopping experience.   

With StoreHippo’s enterprise ecommerce solutions, you can build extremely personalized buyer journeys. Built on MACH architecture, StoreHippo offers extensive flexibility and creative control helping you create custom website designs and landing pages, offer personalized checkouts, send personalized notifications etc.

Optimize mobile shopping experience

With the increasing smartphone adoption and with more and more people choosing comfort over other things, optimizing mobile shopping experience has become a must-have. With mobile apps, your customers can access your shop 24x7 and you can engage with them while also gently pushing them towards conversions. And much to your surprise, it is also quite seamless to create Android or iOS mobile apps today if you go with an advanced ecommerce solution provider like StoreHippo.

Yes, when you create an online marketplace with StoreHippo’s m-commerce solutions, you can seamlessly create mobile apps right from the admin dashboard. It is built on mobile-first technology, to offer you various mobile-ready ecommerce solutions for your enterprise ecommerce brand. StoreHippo also builds PWA (Progressive Web Apps) stores that look, feel and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices in low internet connectivity. 

Go hyperlocal 

The hyperlocal services market is anticipated to reach $4.635 billion by 2028. Oh yes, quick deliveries make your brand become a customer's favourite in no time. They find cccc more convenient, more convincing and more reliable.  

StoreHippo offers a comprehensive location-based ecommerce solution to help you offer customized services and quick delivery with its location-based settings. It offers end-to-end solutions to power goods or services-based hyperlocal ecommerce models. From building your B2C e-commerce stores to hyperlocal ecommerce apps and managing your fleet of delivery boys with its in-built delivery management software, StoreHippo offers the best hyperlocal solutions.

Create detailed product pages 

Did you know that before making a purchase decision, each customer looks for all the fine details in the product description and its images? One of the little-known ways to get higher conversion rates is to provide your customers with complete product information and multiple images with 360-degree view. 

With StoreHippo you can build comprehensive product pages using its product management system. When you create an online store, you can simultaneously create an advanced look and feel of your products by adding multiple product images and videos that help you engage better with your customers. You can also showcase various product options to help customers understand the product and its variations better. 

Upsell your products 

Upselling the products to your B2C e-commerce customers is quite an effective way to get repeat sales. Wondering how upselling benefits your business? Well, here are the top 3 reasons why you should try to persuade your customers into buying an upgrade of their initial choice:

  • Helps increase customer retention
  • Boosts the average value per order and lifetime value 
  • Improves customer loyalty and experience

You can suggest a product recommendation either on the checkout page or on the product page itself. Say for example, one of your customers is willing to purchase a mixer grinder of Rs. 2500. And just then your B2C e-commerce website suggests another mixer grinder worth Rs. 2700 with better features and enhanced look. The customer will be tempted to buy the higher-priced product for the added benefits. With StoreHippo, you can seamlessly upsell and cross sell your products. The vendors can showcase highly-rated, top-selling product recommendations on the checkout or product page itself and escalate their sales. 

Recover abandoned carts 

The naked truth of online selling is that you are losing money every time a visitor abandons their cart without purchasing. However, you can recover up to 40% of the incomplete orders with abandoned cart follow-up. Wondering how? Lets see:

StoreHippo offers a smart abandoned cart feature where you can boost your sales volume by re-targeting your customers. Using StoreHippo’s enterprise ecommerce solutions, you can get the complete order and customer details for all abandoned carts. You can seamlessly use customer insights to follow up with personalized emails and convert potential customers. You can also set up automatic emails to follow up with abandoned cart customers at time intervals of your choice. 

Leverage social media

The social commerce market size is expected to hit $1.3 trillion in 2023. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Well, customers today always check social media for reassurance before making a purchase decision, be it online or offline. When you leverage social proofs to convert a potential customer, you provide your customers with a reaffirmation. But how to achieve that? 

When you create an online store, you can use customer reviews or advanced social plugins and social media integration by StoreHippo to create a seamless social presence. Here are a few areas you can look into to leverage social media for higher conversion rates:

  • Reviews and ratings of the products by the customers on your online store to help other customers understand your products better
  • Testimonials by customers in the form of general feedback on a product, service, or experience with your brand
  • Photos and videos speak louder than words and offers a better chance at conversions
  • Social sharing of products and content

Use live chat to engage better

Everything is becoming virtual today. And in this fast-paced virtual world, it becomes all the more important to engage better with your customers. Are you wondering how to connect with your client via online channels? Let us break this to you: via live chats. Yes, the simplest yet the most effective way to make your customers feel valued and nudge them towards better bigger buys with real-time offers personalized for them. 

With live chats, communication becomes easier and faster. StoreHippo offers the support for integrating live chat service in your store. StoreHippo also provides you with various chat apps that are integrated with your B2C e-commerce store. You can seamlessly install them in your admin panel

Enable faster checkouts 

One thing to take care of while building your B2C e-commerce website is that customers are always in a hurry. They would not appreciate a complicated payment process or going through multiple steps to place an order. A faster checkout process ensures repeat purchases and helps you retain customers.

But how do you ensure a faster and frictionless checkout process when you create an online store? 

Simple. Start by offering multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, digital payment wallets etc. StoreHippo offers 60+ domestic and international payment gateways to help you offer a seamless payment process. You can also offer loyalty rewards, cash backs, store credits from refunds etc with StoreHippo for your customers to redeem later while placing an order. 


With these little-known ways to attract more customers to your enterprise B2C e-commerce website, you can set your business for an upward growth trajectory. And now that you have a fair idea of how to win customers, you can explore new waters. 

StoreHippo offers incredible features to help you create an online store whilst also experimenting with different marketing strategies that can take your business to greater heights. It's time to build the most user-friendly online marketplace and boost your conversions with StoreHippo.

Are you ready to explore enterprise ecommerce solutions? Start your 14-day free trial now. 

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The blog on the ways known to get more sales on an enterprise B2C e-commerce website is a useful knowledge source. The tips on personalization and leveraging user-generated content are spot on.

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Hi Jagadish, thanks for appreciating our blog on 10 little known ways to get more sales on your enterprise B2C e-commerce website. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo - Jul 06, 2023

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