10 features to look out for while choosing your B2B eCommerce solutions provider

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  • 10 features to look out for while choosing your  B2B eCommerce solutions provider

Innovations are opening up new dimensions of ecommerce for the entrepreneurs and online sellers.Over the past few years, business to business online commerce model has gained prominence and outpaced the growth rate of B2C. Year on year growth rate of B2B(19%) is higher than B2C(17%).Global B2B sales are expected to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020 which is more than twice the total of B2C sales at $3.2 trillion.

Many of the brick and mortar B2B businesses are switching to the online format due to obvious advantages. Some of the most compelling reasons to opt for B2B eCommerce solutions are:

  • 74% of B2B buyers say they find it easier to buy from a website.
  • 93% buyers in this segment shop online after researching and finalising their products.
  • 90% savings in sales and operating costs by retailers who launch B2B retail web stores.
  • 56% of retailers stated that some customers can be given profitable service only through online channel.
  • 60% of B2B online retailers said interacting through multiple sales channels with their shoppers increases their average ticket size.
  • Going online enhances existing strong customer relationships in this segment.
  • Going global is much easier for retailers with B2B eCommerce solutions.

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Why your B2B business needs a comprehensive ecommerce solution?

Choosing the right technology and e -commerce platform for your B2B organization is the first decision you make after deciding to take your business online. This is going to be the most crucial decision as it will affect the way your business takes shape in future.

Identifying the requirements, complexities and growth prospects of your business to business online commerce model can help you decide the right solutions provider for your project. It is imperative for the success for your business that you choose a development partner that fits the bill by understanding the ins and outs of B2B model and offers a comprehensive solution.

StoreHippo has been delivering ecommerce solutions for B2B as well as B2C businesses for many years and has helped businesses across diverse industry verticals to go online. Our well rounded platform understands the core requirements of this business model and combines it with future ready technology to give you an edge over competitors.

Here are 10 top features that will help you redefine your success with B2B eCommerce solutions from StoreHippo;

1) Give your Business Technological Edge

In the age of rapidly changing technology your business can lag behind if you do not choose a future ready advance technology for your business.

StoreHippo platform uses the MEAN stack and offers a well rounded solution for B2B model of ecommerce. Our expertise with B2C model has helped us understand the expectations of B2B customers who are driven by their B2C experiences and look for something superior in terms of technology and experience from the  B2B eCommerce solutions.

2) Step into Future with Mobile

The future of online shopping is with mobile commerce. If your web business is not ready to perform seamlessly across devices you are going to lose a major chunk of your potential buyers.  

StoreHippo offers you an advance ecommerce platform that is built to perform on all mobile devices. Both the backend and front end of our platform are mobile ready and allow you to take your business wherever you go.

3) Responsive Design For improved customer experience

Customer experience holds the key to success of every business. Customers are attracted and engaged more on a website that has a beautiful design which fits perfectly on every screen size.

StoreHippo offers mobile responsive designs that fit on various device screens without distortions. Since majority of users prefer to shop using mobile devices ensuring a good experience with design and functionalities customers is of utmost importance for your business to business online commerce website.

4) Location based pricing

Allowing multiple payment channels on an ecommerce site is the key requirement to capture every possible sales opportunity. Apart from this, a B2B model can benefit a lot by offering IP addressed based pricing or personalised pricing for different customers.

With StoreHippo’s pricing over ride and IP based pricing features you can show personalised pricing in the customer’s native currency and help them pay in the currency of their choice.

5) Go Global with Multilingual

Business to business online commerce can be even more profitable if it gives you the capability to take your business global. With StoreHippo’s multilingual feature you can target not only native audiences but also go global by offering a site that is in the language spoken by your target customer/client segment. Multilingual feature helps to branch out your business to various countries and continents.

6) Multi-Location Stores and marketplaces

B2B model often requires setting up multi location stores or a multi seller marketplace. StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solutions have  a an inbuilt feature that allows you to extend your store functionalities and convert it into a multi store or a multi seller marketplace.

You can gain competitive edge by setting up multi storefronts which showcase customer segment specific offers, deals etc and works for a given segment of customers.

7) Customization and Scalability

Every B2B business is different in structure and core requirements and can have unique needs that make extensive customization mandatory. StoreHippo offers an extensible platform that allows to tweak not only the frontend but also the backend according to your needs. The platform accommodates your business growth due to its scalable architecture and thus offers you a stay on solution even as your business grows.

You can even access your backend on any device of your choice and can take your business along with you, wherever you are whatever you are doing.

 8) Personalization

This is the era of personalization in the online shopping sphere. B2B customers have already experienced ecommerce in a big way with the B2C model and expect something bigger, better and personalised.

StoreHippo solutions for B2B ecommerce allow your to send personalised offers based on industry segmentation or customer segmentation on various criteria. You can also send personalised offers based on customer shopping and surfing behaviour.

9) Search and Categories

76% of B2B customers have quoted easy search and navigation as a basic criteria for liking and opting for a site. We allow easy management of product categories up to 4 tiers which facilitates smooth searches and easy categorization.

Our faceted search feature allows the customers to apply multiple filters and narrow down their searches to micro level making search faster, better and easier.

10) Product Promotions and Marketing

Product promotion and exhaustive features for marketing should be an integral part of B2B software solutions.  StoreHippo offers easy to set up promotions, discount coupons, free shipping, promo codes and many other features that boost sales.

The platform is inherently SEO and social media ready allowing you to take benefit of the marketing, promotion and sales activity across various social media channels. Also, it goes a long way in influencing your customers preferences in favour of your brand by registering your brand presence across these digital channels.


StoreHippo offers many other features that make it smoother and easier to take a B2B business online. With experience of diverse industries and geographies we have been able to offer  comprehensive B2B software solutions to entrepreneurs as well as organizations looking for enterprise solutions.

Do have unique B2B ecommerce requirements? Want to explore more features of our platform or have queries? Leave us a comment below and our team will get in touch with you with answers for your queries.

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