10 FAQ enterprise ecommerce brands should ask from their ecommerce solution provider

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  • 10 FAQ enterprise ecommerce brands should ask from their ecommerce solution provider

Planning to escalate your enterprise ecommerce business to newer heights? 

Looking for the best ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brand? 

Oh, there is an abundance of ecommerce platforms in the market today, however, choosing the right fit for your business remains a tricky job. 

Since each enterprise business has its own unique set of requirements, you need advanced marketplace software that can be tailored to your brand’s needs. 

Don’t know what features to look for or what questions to ask your enterprise ecommerce platform provider? 

Fret not, StoreHippo has got you covered. 

Let us first understand enterprise ecommerce solutions in-and-out.

How is enterprise ecommerce solutions different from other basic ecommerce solutions

The ecommerce platform that offers advanced solutions to make innovative B2B, B2B2C, or other enterprise business models are enterprise ecommerce solutions. It enables the enterprise brands to experiment and create disruptive ecommerce solutions with inherent capabilities to build multi-vendor marketplaces, multiple stores, multi-lingual stores with support for global currencies etc. A modern enterprise ecommerce solution comes with features that give brands the agility, speed, and freedom to explore new markets and business models.

10 FAQs enterprise ecommerce brands should ask their ecommerce solution provider

Let us look at 10 FAQs to ask from your ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands:

How can we customize the enterprise ecommerce platform to meet our specific needs?

Your business will always require you and your solution provider to be ready for change. For an enterprise ecommerce business like yours, you need an advanced ecommerce solution that can help you adapt quickly to the changing market dynamics and the specific needs of your business. 

You can not go ahead with a platform that is designed on the premise of one size fits all. Your chosen platform should be able to handle extreme customizations and allow you to tweak not only the backend but also the front end, based on specific requirements of your business. 

StoreHippo can handle the complex requirements and extensive customizations required to suit your large business needs. The StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform comes with native multi-vendor marketplace, multi-store, comprehensive B2B and B2C ecommerce features, offering a versatile solution that helps your business experiment with popular business models and customer centric features.

How can we integrate our existing systems with the new enterprise ecommerce platform?

To build a successful enterprise ecommerce platform, you need a flexible solution that helps you seamlessly integrate with diverse business functionalities like logistics, payments, marketing automations, mailing software, CRM, ERP, and more. Only then you can work with the accustomed software while managing online stores effortlessly.

StoreHippo helps brands to seamlessly integrate with services and softwares of their own choice to build innovative solutions. You can manage your business with hassle-free and quick integration of software like CRM, ERP, accounting, and so on with the headless based APIs from StoreHippo. You can also integrate your enterprise ecommerce business with multiple delivery partners, payment channels, chatbots, live chat etc. to offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

StoreHippo also comes with 120+ built-in integrations that can integrate easily with the preferred software and service providers. The pre-integrated logistics and payment gateways help you to implement faster checkouts and streamline quick order fulfilments.  

How can we ensure that the enterprise ecommerce platform is scalable?

Well, scalability is a major concern for enterprise businesses that deal with a high volume of products, users, orders and customers. It becomes imperative to have an ecommerce solution that not only accommodates your business growth, but also offers a seamless buying experience even if you scale up to millions of customers.

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform is built on the most advanced technology stack(MEAN Stack) and has MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless ) architecture, offering an inherently scalable solution for your high-volume fast-growing businesses. With StoreHippo you can plan growth strategies without being bothered about replatforming. It enables you to seamlessly design your unique ecommerce enterprise solution and crave your own niche in the market. StoreHippo offers consistent high-performance even when your enterprise ecommerce brand grows exponentially. 

Does the enterprise ecommerce platform have solutions to go for mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce has become a primary sales channel today with up to 80% of the online orders happening through smartphones. When you look for an ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands, you need to check that creating mobile apps, iOS or Android should not be time-consuming but an easy and quick process.

StoreHippo’s ecommerce platform is built on the mobile-first technology that offers a variety of mobile-ready solutions. The online stores built on StoreHippo are PWAs, that work, look, and feel like mobile apps even on entry level devices with poor internet connectivity. With StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce software, you can build mobile apps without any coding and create separate apps for different sub-stores from the admin dashboard. Also, StoreHippo offers a variety of apps for admins, vendors, delivery boys etc. making it easy for brands to run their business on the go.

What are the security measures in place to protect our enterprise ecommerce customer data?

One of the top concerns every business has before going online is security of customer’s data. We bet you are skeptical of security reasons as well. 

StoreHippo PCI-DSS compliant platform is inherently secure and offers multi-level security features and tools like free SSL certificate, audit log etc. The StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform helps you build trust among your buyer and makes your site secure and safe. 

What are the payment options available on your enterprise ecommerce platform?

Each customer today looks for multiple payment options while shopping online. When you offer multiple secure payment gateways to your customers on your ecommerce platform, you value their money. It helps you sell better and increase your conversions. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands offers a host of digital payment solutions to help you offer ease of shopping to your customers. StoreHippo comes pre-integrated with 60+ domestic and international payment gateways. You can also implement multiple payment gateways based on the location or device of your customers and support transactions in multiple currencies.

What are the analytics tools available on the enterprise ecommerce platform?

Your enterprise ecommerce marketplace must offer you a host of analytical tools to help you understand user behaviour on various platforms. StoreHippo comes with built-in reporting and analytics solutions that help you understand the performance of each customer touchpoint for an omnichannel brand. You can also integrate with your preferred analytics and reporting tools to get in-depth insights for data-driven strategies.  

Does your enterprise ecommerce platform offer solutions for connecting with my customers on multiple touchpoints?

It is a common fact that with strong omnichannel support, enterprise businesses can witness upward growth in their annual revenue. You need to target and engage with your customers on the channels loved by them to boost your growth potential manifold. 

Yes, StoreHippo offers a ready-to-use omnichannel enterprise ecommerce solution for your brand’s multi channel selling needs. You can quickly strategize different product-market mixes for faster growth and better audience engagement with omnichannel solutions at your disposal. Designed on the headless architecture, StoreHippo helps enterprise brands launch multiple customer touchpoints using the same API and backend logic. You can boost your customer engagement and increase their lifetime value. 

Can I build a multi-lingual enterprise ecommerce marketplace?

For an enterprise business to sell more, you need to sell in a language that your customers understand. Yes, 75% of customers would like to buy from enterprise ecommerce stores selling in their native language. 

With StoreHippo you can build a multi-lingual ecommerce marketplace in no time. It offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate online selling in multiple languages. StoreHippo offers an easy-to-use multi-lingual ecommerce solution that comes with 100+ different languages including RTL languages like Arabic for domestic and international customers. You can also use the automatic translation tool to create multi-lingual websites in just a few clicks. 

Does your enterprise ecommerce platform have the features to sell in international markets?

When you choose an ecommerce solution provider for enterprise businesses, it is important to ensure that global expansion at a later stage doesn’t become challenging. When you start selling in countries like the Middle East or USA, but offer content only in English or payments only in Indian currency, how do you think your international customers will make a purchase? Your customers will not be able to connect with your brand.

StoreHippo offers a host of go-global solutions, making it easy for you to tap into the global audience and do business in international markets. You can seamlessly translate the website into 100+ languages, offering international shipping partners, multiple domestic and international payment gateways, multi-currency payments, multi-currency invoicing, built-in tax engine, location-based pricing etc. with StoreHippo. It becomes easy to expand your business to the global market with a future-ready enterprise ecommerce platform like StoreHippo.  

What makes StoreHippo the best ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands

The host of features and the ease-of-use that StoreHippo offers with a variety of plans for different stages of an enterprise brand makes it the best ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands. 

Built on mobile-first technology, StoreHippo comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder to help you build your Android and iOS apps right from your admin panel. Also all the stores built on StoreHippo are PWAs, that look, feel and work like mobile apps even on entry level devices.

StoreHippo offers built-in support for multi vendor marketplaces and multi-store networks, making it easy for enterprise brands to manage their vendors, sellers, distributors etc. You can also create geolocations based stores and manage them from a common central admin.

Along with StoreHippo’s fully hosted and managed enterprise ecommerce platform, brands also get access to 60+ domestic and international payment gateways and 30+ integrated logistics solutions. With a built-in delivery boy module from StoreHippo, you can manage your own fleet of delivery boys seamlessly.

StoreHippo also offers a gamut of marketing tools, blog engine, a powerful discount engine, abandoned cart follow up etc with other marketing tools to help you strategize your marketing goals. 


Choosing the right ecommerce solution provider for enterprise brands can be a daunting task. But once you know what you are looking for, you can make informed research and choose an ecommerce solution that can help you reduce cost, improve efficiencies, increase customer reach and finally boost sales. 

StoreHippo comes with in-built solutions to offer you all the above-mentioned features and enables you to optimize your enterprise ecommerce business for an upward growth trajectory. The fully hosted and managed ecommerce solution requires no development and upgradation hassles and offers a customizable turnkey platform for large-scale business like yours. 

Are you ready to build your enterprise ecommerce platform? Explore the enterprise-grade features by StoreHippo and start your 14-day free trial now. 

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These FAQs are a lifesaver for enterprise e-commerce brands. Your blog really breaks down what to ask from an e-commerce solution provider. Much appreciated!

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These FAQs are extremely helpful for enterprise eCommerce brands. It's important to ask the right questions before choosing an eCommerce solution provider. Thanks for compiling this list!

By: Vikram Malhotra
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Hi Vikram, thanks for appreciating our blog on 10 FAQ enterprise ecommerce brands should ask from their ecommerce solution provider. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo - May 26, 2023

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