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5 benefits of using ecommerce email notifications on your web store

By | Jul 25 2017 | 638 views||

Email still remains the most trusted and reliable source of communications for millions of users across the world. It gives you complete ownership, control, privacy and a sense of belonging which is lacking in social media or any other popular communications channel. The advantages of this channel have made  Ecommerce email notifications one of the most trusted and powerful tools which help online sellers to connect with their target audience.

Emails can be used to for a variet...

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5 ways GST is going to transform Indian Ecommerce industry

By | Jul 13 2017 | 682 views||

The implementation of GST has ushered in a new era for the Indian economy. The impact of GST is going to be profound covering every segment of the economy and businesses.GST is going to completely overhaul the existing hierarchical tax structure and change the way business and taxation was done earlier.

To cope with the mammoth changes, the government and businesses have been preparing for almost a year now. However, despite the best laid plans, there is still lots of conf...

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The ultimate guide to understanding Ecommerce under GST

By | Jul 04 2017 | 683 views||

India witnessed yet another great change at the stroke of the midnight hour on 1st July 2017. GST- one India one tax- is finally implemented subsuming a variety of cascading indirect taxes levied by the central and state authorities.

With the biggest tax reform now in action, it is obvious that every sector of the Indian economy including the online merchants are curious to understand how this new tax regime would work. To understand GST impact on ecommerce industry...

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5 benefits of having multi channel notifications on your Ecommerce store

By | Jun 29 2017 | 754 views||

Running a successful online store means investing a good amount of time and effort in engaging your customers through various ecommerce communication channels. To make your brand stand out from the others it is essential that your marketing strategy is focused on keeping your existing as well as new visitors informed and engaged about the latest updates of your business. 

Unified notification is a handy tool that helps you stay connected with your customers usi...

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14 compelling benefits of payment gateway integration with StoreHippo

By | Jun 21 2017 | 624 views||

Creating a new online store to give your business the advantage of the booming Ecommerce? What are the top 5 things that you are considering to research thoroughly to start your new business? A website builder company or platform, suppliers for your products, end to end operations, logistics and most important payment gateways to accept  payments from your customers.

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5 questions to ask before finalizing the best payment gateways for Ecommerce transactions

By | May 30 2017 | 331 views||

Even the best laid plans for an online store can not take off if you do not provide the right means of payment to your customers by setting up a merchant account with payment gateways. Providing the preferred mode of transactions to your customers has the potential to increase your order volume 2X. 

Despite the best products, pricing and marketing campaigns if you fail to choose a seamless and secure payment channel, you would fail to achieve your goal of se...

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7 easy ways to sell like a pro using StoreHippo Marketplace integration

By | May 23 2017 | 551 views||

Marketplace integration to sell better is no longer optional for online as well as offline sellers. With more and more customers opting to buy online, it is a matter of survival. Getting listed   to be listed on the marketplaces to get higher traffic and conversions for your products. Without a visible online presence it can take years before your products witness the level of conversions needed to make your online store a success.

We have already discussed ...

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Tip #2 Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store with Customer Service that Cares

By | Apr 28 2017 | 215 views||

In our previous blog, we have discussed how Understanding your customers can help you address customer grievances before they happen. Continuing our series on preventing customer complaints about online stores we bring for you the next part that deals with Customer Services which form the core of your brand’s customer relationships.

When you create an online store

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Tip #1 Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store by Understanding Your Customers

By | Apr 20 2017 | 103 views||

In the very first blog of Preventing Customer Complaints, we introduced you to the 3 time tested tips that have helped online business owners address customer grievances and stop them before they happen. Now we bring for you Tip #1: Understanding your customer which forms the core of every successful business.

Understanding your customers and establishing a one to ...

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How to maximise sales with Multi Tier category in ecommerce

By | Apr 12 2017 | ||

This is the age of unprecedented eCommerce boom. In 2016 etailers across the globe sold $22.049 trillion worth of products and services.Global internet sales are expected to cross $27 trillion in 2020.

With the growing penetration of mobile phone and internet, the growth in the number of online shoppers as well as ecommerce stores is inevitable. However, to create an online store is easy but sustaining growth and scaling up an e-business is not child’s play...

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Why choosing a FLEXIBLE ecommerce platform is the shortcut to your business growth

By | Mar 27 2017 | 257 views||

What is the first thing that crosses your mind once you have decided to create an online store?
You want to build a smart, robust, scalable and flexible store that allows you to adapt to market changes rapidly. Don't you? In the era of cut throat competition building and maintaining a smart estore to accelerate your business growth should be the first priority  of every etailer.

Today the online buyers have a plethora of choices and hence your busi...

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SSL certificate installation on your online store made easy with StoreHippo

By | Mar 20 2017 | 215 views||

When you create an online store and add a security certificate to your website, you are not only earning the trust of your customers but also gaining the trust of Google. 

Starting from January 2017, Google is taking strong steps to ensure a safer internet for all users and is going to mark all HTTP sites collecting passwords and credit card details as nonsecure. On the other h...

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7 non negotiable features to look for while choosing a multi seller ecommerce platform

By | Mar 13 2017 | 132 views||

The huge success and popularity of multi-vendor ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, FlipKart and Alibaba have made the ecommerce entrepreneurs take note and make efforts to build their own brand presence with similar ventures.

The marketplace model offers many advantages over a regular website. It not only allows entrepreneurs to start a store with ZERO inventory by onboarding vendors but also gives them steady income in form of commissions on every sale. Customers are...

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8 ways to offer best customer services for ecommerce

By | Feb 28 2017 | ||

eCommerce customer service has a significant impact on the success or failure of your business. A study by Microsoft reveals that 66% online customers are ready to spend more on a website if it provides satisfactory customer support. On the other hand, 60% customers leave their purchase midway if they are not satisfied with the customer services offered on the web store they are considering. 

The report also suggests that it takes 12 positive cu...

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How to make your customers revisit your online store frequently?

By | Feb 26 2017 | 107 views||

For all those who own websites, it’s life will depend a lot on the traffic it creates. Aside from that, it must also have the ability to attract old visitors back. To achieve this, here are some tips that you need to know about.

Offer buyers the luxury of choice              

It is important that you also give your visitors a number of choices. : To do so, you need to conside...

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