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Upcoming E-Commerce Trends for Web Designing, Development & Mobile in 2018

By | Nov 30 2017 | 27 views | |

Over the years, with the huge advancement of technologies, you can certainly expect that 2018 is going to be yet more invigorating and spectacular! And, when it comes to e-commerce then a more dynamic scenario is being envisaged. It’s because it is one of the most buzzing developments of today’s era.

People of almost every country, every region, every culture are being the die-hard fans of the concept of purchasi...

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5 Successful Video Marketing Principles

By | Nov 25 2017 | 52 views | |

Videos are the closest netizens can get to actually go places. It is the reason why companies use them to give customers virtual tours of their products. 96% of companies are planning to use video marketing over the next year. Getting into video marketing is important. You can study how to take the steps to the creation and promotion of videos, but knowing the principles on which to base your video marketing is another story. If you are new to video marketing, you are in luck: you are bein...

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Must have B2B eCommerce features to drive your business growth

By | Nov 14 2017 | 658 views | |

B2B ecommerce is redefining the rules of online business. Taking a cue from the success of B2C model, businesses worldwide are keen to explore the online route. With some interesting trends shaping the B2B sphere, an early start with the right functionalities in place can give your business a global recognition.

This model promotes rapid growth, exposes your business to new customer segments and offers hug...

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5 reasons why Amazon sellers should create an online store

By | Nov 02 2017 | 685 views | |

Selling on Amazon seems to be the easiest thing for anyone who wants to join the Ecommerce bandwagon without taking too many risks. As an Amazon seller, you just need a product, list it for sale on Amazon and sit back to get your first order and much more in due course of time.

Pretty simple, easy and fun!

No need to invest your efforts and r...

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3 Practical Benefits of StoreHippo Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform for your business

By | Oct 10 2017 | 652 views | |

Multi-store ecommerce setup as we already know is a shortcut to get multiple benefits from having a number of storefronts dedicated to diverse users, products or geolocation. We have already discussed how StoreHippo ecommerce platform makes it easy to launch a store with multiple storefronts that are not only easy to manage but also help you take your brand to new heights.

You can not only enhanc...

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10 StoreHippo Marketing Tools to boost your online conversions

By | Sep 26 2017 | 452 views | |

Ecommerce is a fierce battleground!

With countless established players vying to lure the customers with attractive catalogs, deals and super discounted festive season offer it is difficult for a new online store owner to find out ways to promote their business.

So what is the way out? How to compete with rival businesses? Don’t have a huge budget to spend on marketing?Feeling a little apprehensive about the success of your business? Clueless wh...

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Why StoreHippo is the best multi-store ecommerce solution for your business

By | Sep 07 2017 | 568 views | |

Opting for multi-store Ecommerce is a smart way to stay ahead of your competitors. The multiple storefront models are not only easy to manage but also gives you the freedom to experiment with multiple product lines, store designs, marketing strategies, segmented customer targeting and much more.

This unique model helps you to take advantage of having multiple stores under your brand’s ownership, thus giving it a greater...

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Existential threat for brick and mortar retail in India

By | Aug 19 2017 | 635 views | |

The brick and mortar retail players should be a worried lot. If they want to turn a blind eye to the imminent threat of the booming E-commerce market, they would be fooling themselves big time. Take a cue from the US, where brick and mortar players literally bled in the last decade.

Brick and Mortar Retailers (US) Market Value 2006 vs 2016

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Why you should incorporate PUSH notifications in your ecommerce communication channel?

By | Aug 03 2017 | 584 views | |

How do you usually react to an ecommerce push notification flashing on your mobile or desktop?

Click on it and go to the website to check out the offer? Right?

This is the beauty of push notifications! 

They pull your customers from wherever they are and send them to your site. All you need to achieve this is an offer that is engaging and can be converted with a subtle nudge. 


How do Push notifications work?

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