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How to Promote Your Online Store in 2019 and Beyond

By | Jan 10 2019 |||

We have certainly come a long way from the days when going to shopping malls in order to buy products was a norm. The latest trend, of course, is online shopping. Naturally so as it provides all the benefits of window shopping but at one’s own leisure, with a wide variety of products to choose from and let’s not forget, the convenience of having it delivered right at the doorstep. Retailers, in order to capitalize on t...

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How to Set up Your Makeup and Beauty Products Website in No Time

By | Jan 07 2019 |||

“Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.” Whoever wrote this knew the power of makeup and cosmetics. We all want those eyes on us when we walk down the road, don't we? It gives us confidence, boosts our aura and heightens our self-esteem.

Well, gone are the days when high-end cosmetic products were limited to the glamour ...

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7 Features for Higher Conversions on your Toy and Baby Product Website

By | Jan 03 2019 |||

Have you ever felt like buying those cute cuddly toys, when you bump into them on the internet or while crossing a store window? If yes, you are not alone! Toys and baby products are designed to have that magnetic appeal. I could only imagine what children would feel if I feel so tempted.

Talking about the Indian toy industry, it has been lately trying to ca...

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5 Tested Ways to Clear Surplus Inventory During New Year Promotions

By | Dec 26 2018 |||

With the end of the year inching closer, most retailers will be looking to sell their stocked-up inventory. Too much inventory means many things to them. It indicates poor planning, poor investment in stocks that might either get old, out of trend or expire. But, the most important effect the surplus inventory has is, that it blocks the capital and locks the cash flow of the company. The retailers with brick and mortar stores have...

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5 Not To Miss Online Shopping Forecasts for 2019

By | Dec 17 2018 |||

2018 has been a year of many trendy e-commerce strategies. From studying online shopping patterns to offering multiple channel customer support, things have completely grown to the next level. The customers have new options to get better services from the retailers. On the other hand, retailers are now more connected to the customers. This year was all about technological improvements in the e-commerce platforms. But now as the ye...

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Top 7 Benefits of Using Multiple Payment Gateways on Your E-Commerce Site

By | Dec 10 2018 |||

While surfing the internet, you may come across plenty of sites offering information on the benefits of using a payment gateway on your e-commerce site. However, there is very little info available on the benefits of using more than one. Though most of the digital gurus will agree that having one gateway is enough, the stats show otherwise. According to Statista, the e-commerce industry which even last year amounted to 2.3 trillio...

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Why You Should Use Paytm Gateway on Your E-Commerce Site

By | Dec 03 2018 |||

Whether you are buying something online or in an actual brick and mortar store, everything revolves around transactions i.e. the basic exchange of money for goods and services. The only difference is, in the real world you simply hand over some cash at the counter at the store in exchange for your purchase whereas, in the online shopping, you need to rely on certain payment gateways such as PayPal, CCAvenue, Paytm payment gateway ...

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How to Maximize Conversions with Multi-Channel Customer Care

By | Nov 28 2018 |||

Have you ever heard of a saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? This is what a multi-channel precisely means. If you have handled an e-commerce customer care platform, you can easily relate to it. When you are focusing on a single means of customer care, you miss out different prospects of earning client satisfaction.

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7 Essential Features for a WOW Online Furniture Store

By | Nov 14 2018 |||

We live in the age of the internet where you can find almost anything online. The internet has simplified all aspects of our life and the e-commerce website is one such industry where convenience shines. In a world where time and money is everything, most of the shoppers are making their purchases online. This also means that if you are an online retailer on the lookout for customers, you might want your web-based storefront to be...

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How to Handle Peak Festive Season Delays of your E-commerce Delivery Services in India

By | Oct 22 2018 |||

When we talk of India, a country of diverse customs, creeds and colours, the festive season is something that turns out to be the most profitable time of the year for businesses, simply because we have so many of them. For retail brands especially the online retailers who among everything else has to struggle with offering “e-commerce delivery services in India”, this peri...

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