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An online store which can be tailored to fit with the ever changing e-commerce environment is prerequisite for business growth and expansion. An extensible and customizable e commerce platform offers this benefit for online stores. Customizable platform integrates easily with your business systems and allows handling unique processes. Extensibility accommodates changes and additions in a streamlined manner and ensures you have full control over your platform. Usually businesses tend to move out of off- the -shelf e commerce solutions and opt for custom made stores as the platform is rigid and does not accommodate changes. But the platform that is customizable and extensible allows manipulations and makes it flexible for changes that enhance the store’s functionalities. No need to move on to a custom built site as all tweaks needed to make your ecommerce site better and refined are available with this amazing stay on platform that redefines e-commerce.

Medical Second Opinion (MSO)

Medical Second Opinion powered by Store Hippo, provides effective solutions for healthcare needs of the patient. At this store patients can get direct online medical consultations with specialist doctors in India and abroad. MSO also provides storage space to compile patient health documents and offers a value added discount healthcare card.

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medical second opinion



Tintra is a real estate investment company. Driven by a passion for connecting emerging markets to the major investment hubs of the world, Tintra’s sole mission is to provide incredible real estate investment opportunities. The focus is to provide access to real state opportunities to clients from emerging markets. The goal is to ensure that each investment is structured with a tangible and achievable exit.

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Big Faida

Bigfaida.com is Mumbai’s first state-of-the-art online supermarket with unique cash back referral reward program. It is an amalgamation of best features of different e-retailing models worldwide. Bigfaida is committed to create a solid platform and system run by the people for the people, in order to promote local brands. It gives a wonderful opportunity to a consumer to become an entrepreneur.

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big faida

quote my energy


Quotemyenergy is a unique energy comparison service. It empowers UK businesses to switch energy providers and save money on their gas and electricity bills. It is a free online platform that provides a convenient and secure way for businesses to receive free, no obligation quotes for their gas and electricity without the involvement of a third party.

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