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Popup on site load

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Show any popup on site load with this app

Pop-up at site load allows you to create a pop up when the site is loading. The pop up can be of any kind like register pop up, discount pop up, etc depending on the widget, you created. 

  • Register pop up can be added to any of the stores with this app.

  • You may give a different name to pop up modal header from app settings.

  • A different widget can also be added to pop-up instead of register widget (It can be any widget in the store).

How to use it?

Widget: The layout of the widget that you will include in this will be the first thing your clients will come across as they land to your site. To make it more worth, include the widget with good/ attractive layout. You may include any user interactive layouts or may have any informational content for your site.

Header: This will give one shot understanding to your clients. You can include any of the attractive headings of your choice in the settings of the app. The headings help the most to attract the clients, so keep it simple and informational.

Setting up

  1. Install the Pop up on site load app to your store.

  2. Enter the widget name and header in the app settings.