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Lee Cooper Footwear, offers jazzy, stylish and affordable footwear for the young and rebellious. True to the brand's ideology they are redefining foot fashion with style and designs that bring international high fashion within the reach of everyone. By powering their store with StoreHippo, Lee Cooper has been able to achieve;


  • An ecommerce solution that increases the brand’s reach manifold.

  • A store design that matched and exceeded the brand’s expectations.

  • High-performance sites that provide the seamless user experience.

  • Mobile app for tapping mobile channel traffic.

  • Flexibility to tweak the platform and implement unique requirements.


Industry: E-Learning and Healthcare

Wound Professional is Smith & Nephew’s new platform that offers easy e-learning and access to the brand’s advanced wound care solutions to doctors and physicians across India. StoreHippo ecommerce platform has helped them achieve,

  • Easy online registration and certification courses for doctors.

  • Easy access to products needed for patient care.

  • Multimedia learning material.

  • Scalability that can accommodate millions of users.

  • Flexibility to add new flows for certification and learning.

A Little Fable

A Little Fable offers a curated mix of products like children's garments, footwear, home furnishings, gifts and accessories in engaging colors and themes. A Little Fable had some special requirements for which they needed a well rounded ecommerce platform with one stop solution. Choosing Storehippo they were able to achieve the following,

  • Niche vertical multi seller marketplace.

  • Complete multi vendor ecommerce features to easily manage and payout the vendors.

  • Mobile app to tap the mobile customers.

  • Flexible platform to accommodate new requirements of the growing business.

  • Scalable platform that can handle any number of customers.

Go to Optician

Go to Optician is an eye care marketplace backed by the iconic brand Essilor. It aims to provide exceptional eye care products and services beyond the existing market standards. With the aim to offer a better vision to the world they decided to power their website with StoreHippo and achieved the following;

  • Quick and seamless migration Hybris to StoreHippo ecommerce platform
  • High performance site with fast page load
  • A feature-rich  niche vertical marketplace
  • Custom flow for adding prescriptions details, lens type, usage, seller/optician etc.
  • Simplified and seamless multi vendor setup to handle unique requirements of the marketplace

My School Depot

Industry: Supplying curated mix of students need for schools

My School Depot chose the StoreHippo ecommerce platform to work on their project and build a unique portal which could accommodate their specific requirements. By partnering with us they were able to achieve the following;

  • Multiple storefronts each with its unique URL.

  • Easily manageable single dashboard for all stores.

  • Easy to offer special discounts for a given store and target audience.

  • Scalability to add any number of stores as the business grew.

  • Flexibility to add new workflows or features when required.

  • Mobile and iOS apps that allow to explore m-commerce.

Health Heal

Health Heal is an online healthcare portal that focuses on “healing at home” by offering a wide range of healthcare service and products for the ailing, disabled, injured, new mothers and people with special needs. With the mission to provide “Quality care at Home” for anyone who is in need they needed special flow and their portal so they could offer custom personal care for each client. Powering their online business with StoreHippo made it possible for the Health Heal team to;

  • Find beyond ecommerce solution for their brand
  • Allow Custom workflow and personalized forms at various places to gather personalized requirements from clients
  • Flexible and tweakable platform to easily accommodates new requirements
  • Scalable platform for sustained business growth
  • A head start in their niche industry vertical with an affordable and stay-on platform


Industry: Non Profit

MySalaryPlus is an online portal developed to benefit the employees of the NFP sector. True to its name it provides a boost to the salary of the NFP employees by offering them discounted goods and services. Church Resources one of the largest NFP buying groups in Australia envisioned this program to offer better and more efficient supply solutions for NFPs. With the StoreHippo platform they have achieved the following;

  • A bespoke portal with custom features for calculating promotion commission and margin logic.

  • Multi seller  feature to offer a wide variety of choices.

  • Multi store feature that creates different storefronts for different products and services.

  • Special marketing pages and integration with marketing software.

  • Flexible and scalable website that can have new functionalities for any number of users.

Universal Textiles

A truly Global Ecommerce solution !

Universal Textiles is an Ecommerce portal selling fashion, apparel, homeware and footwear to global customers. The site offers unique look and feel to its customers based on their country. They make the best use of multiple domains with multiple storefronts and country specific language and currency selection to offer a seamless shopping experience to their customers. They powered their online business with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • An eCommerce portal truly global feel and functionalities
  • Seamless flow to coordinate  Multi-Store, Multilingual, Multi-Domain setup
  • Multi-currency payments based on customer preference
  • Domains dedicated to unique customer segment and geo-location
  • Feature rich admin to manage the complexity of their business model


Medifixit beyond ecommerce solution that offers a one stop healthcare solution where various medical services, lab facilities etc come under one portal and allow patients to register and book appointment with doctors. Resulting from the vision of Maj Gen (Dr) Shamsher Singh & Capt. Sameer Singh, Medifixit, powered by StoreHippo platform has the following advantages,

  • A comprehensive portal linking doctors, patients, labs, pharmacies etc.

  • User friendly site for even non technical patients and other users.

  • Stores volumes of patient records using exponentially scalable Storehippo platform.

  • Extremely customized to accommodate complex flows of the system.

  • Multi user roles and dashboard for different users.

  • Desktop site as well as iOS app for users.


Industry: Niche Fashion

Mamacouture is an online store that gives maternity a whole new meaning. It allows the expectant and new moms to experience the changes in their body in style by providing them comfortable yet stylish maternity wear. Powered by StoreHippo,the portal has created a niche for itself by,

  • Offering various payment and delivery options to customers.

  • Showcasing variety of products using the design layout of StoreHippo.

  • Managing large volume of customer and product records on the scalable platform.

  • Marketplace integrations to boost the brand visibility and sales.

  • Customized themes and banners to match pace with fast changing fashion trends.

NextDoor Hub

NextDoor Hub is a unique marketplace, working through a network of affiliates that are making it possible for customers from rural, semi-urban and urban areas to avail a variety of products and services which include; health, insurance, ecommerce, banking, farming/irrigation equipment and even B2B services. To fulfill their unique requirements they powered their online business with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A niche, feature rich marketplace for their unique requirements
  • Custom flow for receiving and shipping orders
  • A combination of multi vendor and affiliate network to handle their complex requirements in seamless and simplified manner.
  • Ability to tap traffic from diverse locations
  • Scalable and flexible solution that is designed to accommodate their unique flows and business growth

Grocery Online

Industry: Online Grocery and other household items

Grocery Online is an online grocery providing services in various towns and cities of UAE. It offers one stop solution for daily requirements of a household at discounted prices. Partnering with StoreHippo it offers its clients;

  • Multiple payment options including COD

  • Shopping cart based customized shipping charges.

  • Fast deliveries partnering with local logistics partners

  • Improved tracking and conversion of abandoned cart customers.

  • Flash sales using discount engine.

  • Improved reach and better sales via online portal.


Tintra is a unique portal providing investment opportunities and ancillary advisory services around global real estate. Tintra allows its clients to get the best ROI by providing them full spectrum real estate and complimentary services at one place. It also helps its clients with global company formations, passports and visas. With StoreHippo they were able to;

  • Got a global look and feel with extreme customization.
  • User friendly site that helped in increasing client base.
  • Target global audience with multi currency option.
  • Visually appealing site that performed seamlessly on all devices.
  • A site that performed beyond their expectations.


Industry: Gift and Planting

Happy Planting aims to inspire Green gift ideas for every occasion. Each of their green gifts planted in beautiful vases, pots and terrariums is unique in its being and brings the brand name alive. Building their website with StoreHippo, Happy Planting has been able to achieve;


  • An online store that multiplies the reach of their products

  • Beautiful store design that engages and converts customers

  • DIY platform with host of features to play with

  • Flexible platform that can be tweaked according to requirements

  • One stop solution for everything needed to sell online


Credr Shop is created with the aim  to add an extra zing in the life of the bikers and bike enthusiasts.The store offers an extensive collection of biking apparel, accessories and merchandise associated with biking. Building their website with StoreHippo, Credr has been able to achieve;


  • A beautiful store aligned with the brand theme

  • A one-stop shop for diverse needs of the bikers

  • Build a website that enhanced their outreach in the niche market

  • End-to-end solutions for their online selling needs

  • Flexible and scalable platform that keeps pace with business growth